Full House

Tonight everyone is home again and I am happy.

I like when everyone is in my nest, safe and snug, doors locked, cozy in their beds and I can rest peacefully without worry.

Jeff was away on a business trip and Juliana was away at camp.

I have to say life was easier, slower and quieter with less laundry, demands and needs to be filled with 2 out of the 5 of us missing, but I felt incomplete.

I like my work. I like the humans I share space with and when they are gone, I really miss them. I am happy that they are back and we are complete again, all together in the same nest.

I know they will leave one day, but for now I appreciate our shared space and providing for their care and am content and thankful. Living in the moment, loving life and laughing out loud.



The Nest


I feel like I’ve come back to the nest.

Juliana made this origami crane diorama of my family, which I love. Made me thankful for this nest my parents created and tended for us.

My parents still live in the same house I grew up in 40+ years ago. It is comforting to come back here to the same place, in the same town, and to drive around the city to see what has changed and what has stayed the same and to see my family and friends.

Here we are driving to The Infamous Oaks Mall.

The Oaks Mall is a big deal in this small, sleepy town. I just liked wandering around with the girls and trying on clothes and grabbing some lunch together.

I love that my mom and dad are so welcoming and loving and that they like to entertain. My cousin Laurie and her family came over for dinner, and my friend Jeni and her family joined all of us too.

Even my brother was here so all my siblings were together and all the grand kids too which made me smile and laugh.


I love my crazy family and that we all took the time to be together for a few hours. We are a crazy, fun loving bunch, quirks and all, perfectly imperfect.


Life is good! Thanks for having us all for dinner tonight Mama and Pops.

What does your family do when they get together? Are you crazy, loving and silly like us too? I hope so!! 🙂