Gun Control

Let’s talk about gun control and how to protect our kids, our future, and our society.

The only shooting I ever want to see is this type, someone shooting on goal.

Gun control starts years before anyone even thinks about picking up a gun.

Let’s start with respect. Respect your parents. Respect your elders. Respect yourself and others and others’ property. Respect your teachers.

Partners – respect and love your chosen partner and do your part to create love and peace in your home daily. Honor one another.

Do your work. Always. And stop complaining. Just do it. Doing the work takes discipline and discipline is needed in just about anything you value.

Be more self less and less self entitled.

Hold the door open for others.

Give love and respect freely.

Understand and feel compassion for others.

Practice the art of connection. Smiles are free. Look someone in the eye and greet them. Call your mom. Call your grandmother. Call your best friend. Return a text message or voicemail or email in a reasonable amount of time.

Be friendly. Be a good friend. Celebrate your friends’ gifts.

Call of duty means something significant. A call of duty is to serve and to protect our country. It’s not hours spent in front of a video screen playing a violent game and feeling nothing.

Go outside and play and run around and learn to be responsible and to get along with others in your neighborhood.


Know your neighbors and talk to them.

Give back to your community without expecting anything in return. Help one another.

Mental illness is real and we need to talk about it more. We need better systems to treat and medicate those with this illness and to support the family members who bear the responsibility for their loved ones with this type of incapacitation.

Have empathy and try to understand how lucky you are and how others might not be as fortunate as you.

Make time for family dinners or a family breakfast or a family walk. Make time to see and to listen to each other and to connect with your family members. You are important to them and they are important to you.

Follow your moral compass. Religious institutions provide structure and purpose. Choose yours wisely and give of yourself to your beloved institution.

Be mindful. Think before you act.

Go to bed and sleep 8-10 hours. We are sleep deprived and we need more sleep to be healthier.

Make your bed every morning.

Choose the harder right versus doing what’s instantly satisfying.

Work. Then play. In that order.

Laugh. It feels good.

Be nice.

Be okay.

If we collectively practice what we value, maybe we’ll create more happiness, love and light in this world.  One Love.

We’ll practice gun control by keeping them locked up in safes to protect us from evil instead of creating evil acts with them.

The best gun control happens between your ears.



I think this is the only word to describe the feelings inside my body again.

There was another shooting at Northern Arizona University (NAU) this morning and my cousin’s best friend was killed and 3 more kids are injured. This is not okay, not fair and not right.  She shouldn’t have to be experiencing another tragedy like this.

On the same day, there was another shooting in Houston, Texas on a college campus, leaving one person dead.

Our children go to to college to learn how to learn and to become independent and responsible adults. I didn’t think that they had to learn these type of survival skills and how to deal with this type of pain and loss.  I can’t believe that Jeff and I were talking about what advice to give our kids should they ever be in a situation like one of these.

I am scared and feel vulnerable again. One person’s actions ripple and affect us all.  Families are destroyed because of one moment of random selfishness. Why is it okay for some people to use violence to solve their problems? What is causing people to be so distraught that they no longer value life?

We are definitely connected and our country needs healing.

I know people are looking for reasons and want to understand why. They want gun control measures, and I think yes, maybe so, but this doesn’t get to the why and focuses on a band-aid and doesn’t really fix the underlying problems.

Why are young men shooting other people?  I’m sure there are several reasons. I think that our youth are missing a sense of purpose and structure. Families fall apart. Religious institutions have lost popularity. We have violent video games that are readily available.  Our mental health system is a joke. Community service is not a priority, and instead there is a strong focus on self which might not be the best thing. Sure, it’s great to be self-aware, but probably not so self-absorbed. We need each other. We need to help and to serve one another.  We need to accept ourselves and one another. We need to belong to each other because we are all connected. One Love.

If you wish to support the families involved in the NAU shooting today, there is a Go Fund Me account set up here:  NAUstrong  “All funds raised through this campaign will be donated to the victims of the shooting to help them with their various expenses following this tragedy. Stay strong everyone. Call up your loved ones and tell them you love them.”

nAMaste and rest in peace, Colin Brough.