Stay Weird

Be you. Be wonderful you and shine. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks unless they are praising and lifting you up. And love yourself. And love other weirdos. You are perfectly imperfect and okay, okay?

Stay weird was the advice from a video clip that Lisa sent me today, where kids of every age from 4 to 95 gave each other advice about how to age gracefully. I loved every minute of it and loved that Lisa thought of me when she saw it. 

Here’s the link:

Does she think I’m weird?  I hope so. Because I am.  My motto has always been if you’re not weird, you’re weird.  Isn’t that weird?  Think about it. And if my weird connects with your weird, then we’re lucky!  

Stay weird and spread the love!  We have a planet to change.

This is me and my mama at IKEA today, being weird and sending a selfie to Julie so she could see what we were doing while she was at work. Totally weird, so “exciting” and totally happy. I love this life. 

How are you weird? Celebrate wonderful you in all your weirdness and laugh out loud!


Celebrate Good Times

I love June. It’s my favorite month of the year. 

Today my heart was full. 

Charlie had his promotion ceremony, ending an era at our elementary school. We were quite proud of him and all of his accomplishments and involvement in our school community.

My parents were here to share the celebration and I am so thankful they took the time to come and be with us. Charlie was thrilled too!

ML and I have been working for months on the promotion dance for our middle schoolers.  Tonight was the event and we spent all day and night preparing and setting up and cleaning up with an awesome team of volunteers, including my mama. We were pleased with the results and were happy to see our kids so happy! I loved working side by side with my BFF, my mama, and friends.

 Congratulations graduates from preschool through college! xo
Life is good and I am excited for summer vacation to begin this weekend! Be well. xo

Preparing for Pasta Night

Jeff and I love to cook and to entertain together. It’s one hobby that we both share and we especially like trying new things. 

When my mama was here while I was out of town, Jeff wanted to learn how to make her spaghetti sauce.  She made her sauce for our family and Jeff took detailed notes. Her sauce is like liquid gold and I’ve never done a great job replicating it because I swear as soon as I turn to wash a dish, she turns and sprinkles a little bit of this and that and works her magic. 

Christian has been wanting to have his group of friends over for awhile and Juliana was sharing how she likes how my cousin Shellee hosts a pasta night every week for her kids and their friends.  I’ve been loving that idea too and then just read an article about a family that cooks an informal pasta meal and invites over those who want to participate in a super casual way. The key is no stress and no worry about a clutter free, clean house – everyone just shows up and brings something to share if they want and then we enjoy good old fashioned family time with our friends.

So you know where this is going… I asked Jeff if he wanted to cook my mom’s sauce together and host a pasta night and he agreed!  The plans were set and I got excited to try something new and sent out invites via text right away.

I shopped today for the sausages and meat to make meatballs.  After we all came home from our various appointments and had our family dinner, we cleared out the kitchen and had a date at home, cooking together side by side. Did I tell you how much I love this? 

I loved that Jeff wanted to cook my mom’s recipe and I loved seeing his handwritten notes. I loved that we spent time together on a “school” night, chopping and rolling and measuring and mixing and stirring. I loved that Juliana got a kick out of us living it up in the kitchen too.

Christian came out of his room to say how good the sauce smelled and that the smell reached his room. 

   I wish you could smell my house right now.  It smells so good, just like my mama’s house. 

Do you have a weekly family meal that you share?  When I was growing up we had pasta on Wednesdays and Sundays. I loved this tradition. 

Life is good.

xo Adriana