Downtown Music Summer Series

Tonight we met up with Julie and her family to celebrate the summer concert series downtown. It was fun to be outside, people watching and enjoying a nice dinner together with our families. There were lots of crazy people there, dancing and just enjoying themselves.



I’m loving the sunshine and warm weather every day and am so thankful
for the change. I am slowly resettling and starting to feel at home again. Thanks for dinner, Julie!!

Life is good!

Day 293: What Makes You Happy?

How much of your day do you get to spend doing things you love? What makes you happy and are you making time for those things?

This was painted on a store window in Fussen this week and I loved the saying. It gave me inspiration for tonight’s blog…

I think it’s kinda crazy that I’ve been blogging for over a year, every day. I obviously must like it as its become something I look forward to everyday, even though some days I don’t know what to write. As I sit down to just do it, inspiration always seems to magically appear. Writing and sharing and connecting and focusing on what’s good in my little world makes me happy. Reading your comments and hearing you tell me that you read my blog and make connections with my story makes me happy. I like taking the time to reflect on the days of my life as they swirl by, and I plan to turn my blog into a book when I’m done…so that I can taste life twice!

What do you love to do? What makes you happy every day? What would you do if you could do anything you wanted? I think we have to dream like that to make our dreams become reality. And I think it works!! If we are realistic with our expectations, we can find peace and joy every day. Some things that make us most happy are very simple, and some things take more time or money, but I bet most things that make us happy are attainable daily.

Today I didn’t feel good again (headaches and GERD) so I enjoyed staying home and resting all day, until it was time to see Charlie’s open class music show. Even though I didn’t feel good, I enjoyed seeing his passionate teacher and his class and his little body playing and smiling and laughing with his friends. I loved sitting next to my friends and watching hem enjoy their kids as well. And Jen’s baby made my day when she reached up and wanted to come sit on my lap and be with me. These things make me happy!




Kids make me happy.

Passionate and loving teachers make me happy.

Loving babies makes me happy.

Being part of a village filled with friends makes me happy.

Cooking delicious and healthy dinners make me happy.


Seeing this family made me happy.


Playing with my kids makes me happy.

All is good, even when I’m not well.

What made you happy today?