The busyness of life continues.

Luckily, I was able to take a break and bring my parents to Shoreline for a long walk in the sunshine along the San Francisco Bay today. The weather was so warm and comfortable and reminds me how much I love California.
This is a great place to be outdoors, despite the stinky smells from the bay and nearby landfill/dump.

There are several walking trails with people out bird watching, walking, running, skating, painting, and participating in water sports.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We spent a good hour walking and then stopped at the Lakeshore cafe for lunch out on the patio overlooking the lake.


Life is good, especially when you take the time to slow down and enjoy it. How was your day?

Celebrating Labor Day

The first Labor Day was celebrated on a Tuesday, September 5th, 1882 in New York City. It is now celebrated on the first Monday in September and most people have the day off from work.

We celebrated early today by working in the morning, unpacking box after box and catching up with laundry, load after load. After lunch, we headed outdoors for some entertainment at the Stanford Soccer Stadium, watching a Men’s soccer game with my parents.

The weather was warm and not too hot, with a slight breeze, making it a perfect day.

The kids enjoyed traditional stadium snacks including popcorn, ice cream, and French fries with catsup and not mayonnaise.

20130901-222402.jpgLook how this kid eats his popcorn. Oh, to be a kid!!

The game was so exciting and we had front row, general admission seats. Too bad Stanford lost to Georgetown, 0-2 but we had a good time, nevertheless.

Afterwards, we headed to Downtown Mountain View for our favorite Thai food and ambiance and to celebrate my day’s birthday this week. Dinner was fabulous and we left content and satiated. We decided to stroll a bit to walk off our dinner.


We ran into our friends and enjoyed chatting for probably longer than we spent eating dinner. This is one of the things I love about being back home and helps me to feel more settled. I love the weather, being in my neighborhood, and running into friends.

Life is good. I hope you’re relaxing and enjoying a long, holiday weekend in America or in spirit wherever you are.