Day 312: How to Enjoy Being a Taxi Service


One of the things the kids were begging for after our whirlwind travels was just to be home so they could hang out with their friends and just chill at home. This weekend was their weekend, but Jeff and I found some ways to make being a taxi service fun. We enjoyed seeing them happy, having friends over and going to their friends’ homes and birthday parties.

Today Juliana and Charlie had parties and of course they had different start and end times between 11 and 5 pm. Since Jeff and I wanted to hang out together, we both played taxi driver, exploring the little cities along the way. After dropping Juliana off, we went to explore the beach at Blijburg and to enjoy the sunshine, even though it was cold. We ran into rockstar Morene Dekker, taking her son out for a paddle. She graciously invited me to join her, but we had to get back to pick up Charlie to drop him off at his party. We still enjoyed the views and this quirky little beach…take a peek:








Another few things we saw and that I love about Holland are the open fields, farm animals, blue skies and cloud puffs. I love seeing people bike everywhere and seeing waterways across the land. We drove by Vinkeveen lake and I thought of Barbara and how much fun we had SUPing together one gorgeous day in spring.



We took Juliana to a place called Polder Sports, an outdoor team building place, in Uithorn area. It looked like so much fun, but she fell in the water head first on one obstacle and was freezing the rest of the party. I think she still had fun with her friends, despite the wet shoes and hair.




We took Juliana home for a quick shower, and then the three of us were in the taxi again and went shopping at Makro to pick up some food for the grill tonight before picking up Charlie. Shopping with one kid is so much easier than with three.

When we stopped again to pick up Charlie from the bowling alley at Borchland, he was happy outside playing on a swing waiting for us. He had such a great time with his friends.


Thank you to all our friends who shared a part of their weekend with our family. We are so blessed, and the taxi service wasn’t so bad today, with my best friend, taking in the sites with me. I highly recommend making pick up and drop off as fun as you can… Next time we’ll stop for an ice cream too!


Day 225: Water + Yoga + SUP + Friends = Joy


I look like a frog, but I’m a happy frog. This is what savasna looks like when you’re trying not to touch the freezing cold water.

Can you imagine doing yoga on the water? It’s the coolest feeling.

Imagine your gaze looking softly in front of you and a beautiful white swan is dancing on the water. Imagine looking up at the sky instead of a ceiling.
Imagine breathing in fresh air while focusing on one thing, your breathe.
And when you’re focused on your breathe, you’re not really worried about falling in.
And while you’re stretching and practicing, you get to enjoy the sounds of the water lapping at your board.

Mixing water play with yoga practice is awesome. I hope if this sounds interesting to you, that you will try it one day. You won’t be able to stop smiling.



After we were done doing yoga, we took that relaxed feeling out for a paddle together. I was in the moment, loving life, thankful to Morene for loving SUP and sharing her passion across Amsterdam. I was thankful to Deborah for teaching SUP yoga, and to Jeff for supporting my passion and letting me buy a new Boga board for Holland touring. I can’t wait to put my own in the water!