There is a lot of discussion right now about the mom title and it makes me quite curious.

For some reason, people struggle with the title and are looking for a new term to describe stay at home moms.

My favorite title is just mom or mama.

We are all mamas – whether paid or unpaid, working inside the home or working outside the home. We are all working moms and we are all full time moms. We are all the same. We are loving moms.

We are all homemakers or domestic goddesses and we do our best and are so lucky when we get to choose how best to support our families. Some of us are maybe more efficient than others. Some of us have more free time. Some of us have more meaningful experiences. Some of us do our shopping and cleaning during the day and some in the evenings or on weekends. We are all working and we all love our kids.

Whether you stay home and work or go to an offsite workplace, we are both the same and I like you, mama! xoxo


Working mama! 🙂

The MOM Title


There was a post today on the Momastery Facebook page that asked friends for help. She was looking for a better and truer title than “stay at home mom” and was hoping for suggestions.

There were over 1,155 comments as of 5 hours ago and 364 people who liked this question.

I have to say that I sat there and pondered the question for awhile and couldn’t really come up with something good.  There were several suggestions, and some of them resonated and are ones I’ve used before to describe my role. But when I thought of the work-outside-the-home moms, the titles really reflect both groups.

Some of my favorites were:

ChIef Operating Officer of the [insert family last name] Corporation

Super Woman

Wonder Woman

President of Child Development

Domestic Goddess

Commander In Chief

We’re all moms. We’re all working full time and juggling the needs of those we love, including ourselves. We’re all dedicated to our families. Some of us are paid and some of us are not. Some of us get to choose whether or not to work and some of us don’t. We all love our kids equally, and so I think we should just stick with Mom as our shared title and support our sisters however we choose to spend our days without judgment. Let’s lean in to sisterhood and lift each other up and drop the divisions.

The next time someone asks me what I do, or a form asks me my job occupation, I’m going to say I am:  Mom.

Hear me Roar!!  😉

Do you have any suggestions?