This was the year Taylor Swift was born and this was the name of her concert tour that we saw tonight at Levi Stadium.  It was an amazing and entertaining show that she performed in front of a sold out crowd of 50,000.


I love how authentic Taylor seems. She expressed her gratitude to her fans and for the experience of being with us tonight and worked hard the entire time to entertain us. 

I liked the montages she had with her girlfriends, who shared their feelings about Taylor and life and love.  I loved that she brought on a new girl band from the UK and highlighted how great they are and sang along with them. She is not threatened by other strong women and I love this about her.  She also brought on stage her surprise guests, Julia Roberts and Joan Baez, as she sang about never going out of style. 


The best little tidbit she shared with us was to embrace our imperfect life and to know what makes us happy. 

I know Juliana and I and ML and J are very happy for having shared this experience on a warm and comfortable night at Levi Stadium. Thank you Taylor Swift for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us tonight and for being passionate about what you do. Your light shined!!


Life is fun and good!

Celebrate Good Times

I love June. It’s my favorite month of the year. 

Today my heart was full. 

Charlie had his promotion ceremony, ending an era at our elementary school. We were quite proud of him and all of his accomplishments and involvement in our school community.

My parents were here to share the celebration and I am so thankful they took the time to come and be with us. Charlie was thrilled too!

ML and I have been working for months on the promotion dance for our middle schoolers.  Tonight was the event and we spent all day and night preparing and setting up and cleaning up with an awesome team of volunteers, including my mama. We were pleased with the results and were happy to see our kids so happy! I loved working side by side with my BFF, my mama, and friends.

 Congratulations graduates from preschool through college! xo
Life is good and I am excited for summer vacation to begin this weekend! Be well. xo

Old Turkeys

Old Lovebirds

Yeah –  I just shared that moment of us looking like turkeys. We can laugh at ourselves. It’s okay. You can laugh too!

These turkeys were sitting on a fence as we approached today.

The other two smart turkeys were enjoying sitting outside on our couch, after dinner, while the kids cleaned up the kitchen.  That’s what I’m talking about!

Life is good, especially for a turkey!

On Communicating

I don’t have any pictures to share today but I want to share a story about my friend, who I adore, and who is probably reading this.

Many people adore her and it’s not just me and I think I know why.  Well, there are several reasons why, but one pops out.

She actively listens to people and gives people her time. She looks at them longer than most people look at you and not in that creepy way, but the way that shows genuine interest.

She not only listens, but she also shares part of her story about what she’s doing or thinking and connects with people in a way that most people don’t. She makes people feel welcome and important. Her act of sharing creates a connection and familiarity that makes people comfortable and where they feel safe to talk and share and laugh for a moment, even though they don’t even know her sometimes.  There is an art to communication and she has it and I love seeing her genuine spirit shine. She makes people happy wherever she goes and people love her.

I think it’s because she is always so positive and not in a rush, as most of us are.  She makes an effort to slow down and to talk and connect, even when she’s on her way to juggle 5 million things. I love this about her.

And it’s not with just one person. It’s with most people she comes in contact with where there is a chance of communication.

For example, we were shopping together as we are working on a project together and as we are checking out, she’s telling the checker all about what we’re doing and explaining her purpose and excitement for her purchases. And then the checker is smiling and sharing her story about what she likes about what we’re buying and doing and smiles are shining all around. There is a carefree spirit through the transaction that sometimes doesn’t require a conversation at all. It reminds me of what it must be like living in a small town where everyone knows everyone. But that’s not the case where we live, but she makes it feel like that.

And before we even got to the checkout line, she recognized another mom from the baseball field that she kind of knew, and she made an effort to acknowledge her, talk with her and ask her a question before moving on with her purchase.  The lady smiled.

I wonder if she knows how wonderful she is and this magical gift she shares with our little world.

I know and I am lucky to be her friend.  We all can learn from her example of authenticity and love and patience and kindness for others. Thank you friend. I know you know who you are.


On Writing

I write every day and sometimes this is a challenge. Like today.

I have a ton of things that happened that are somewhat interesting – maybe, but maybe not.

And some things I don’t always want to share. Or at least not right away.

Some things might be controversial, so I try to avoid sharing those or if I have a strong opinion, I prefer to keep quiet and keep the peace.  Probably boring… but it works for me.

Today involved boring and non-controversial stuff that is not really even worthy of sharing and doesn’t make for a good story.

I was present, taking the car in to check the tires, shopping, chopping veggies and cleaning fruit and making food ready to eat so everyone can grab and go! That was actually fun. I love to have healthy food prepared and watching my kids gobble it up as I clean and make it readily available.

My mom used to always cut fruit up for us for dessert and it was the only way I really enjoyed it. I think I loved that she prepared it and I got to watch her do it.  Isn’t that weird? I still love watching my friends (AL and ML) cut up fruit and veggies and love when they make them for me. They taste so much better when they do it!  Maybe that’s what my kids think too.

I think Juliana ate half of what I was preparing for the week, as I washed and chopped and packaged.  Probably not really half, but she was so happy enjoying herself eat as I worked and I loved having her in the kitchen with me. It was all worth it.

That was probably the highlight of my day, besides practicing hand stands in yoga. I have a lot to still practice!

There was one other really cool thing I learned about today and that is about Honor Flights.  The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America’s Veterans for all their sacrifices. They transport our heroes to Washington D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials, with all expenses paid. The inaugural Honor Flight tour took place in May 2005.  Tonight at my PEO meeting, another PEO who volunteers with this organization, came to share her story about the organization with us. She showed us a slide show and told us about how the organization works. She also brought a star guest, who was a veteran who actually went on one of these flights. Hearing his story and seeing him in tears as he remembered all the people who recognized him and cheered for him at the airports and honored him was so touching. It gives me chills just thinking about his story.  He will be 95 next year and still drives.  He reminded me of Algin Hughes, our PopPop and Colonel!!

If you’d like to learn more about Honor Flight and wish to make a donation, please visit their website:

Honor Flight Bay Area Foundation:  www.honorflightbayarea.org

And then just like that, sometimes writing has a purpose that shows up just by beginning to write.  Who knew?

nAMaste and thank you for reading my writing. xo

Jackpot! 90% Off Sale 

OMG – We felt like we hit the JACKPOT today. ML and I somehow signed up to help with a promotion dance this year and are the leads for the theme and decorations. Neither of us have ever even chaperoned a dance, we don’t have much time, and we don’t want to spend hours building props and creating backdrops. The anxiety started creeping in yesterday!

Today we were planning out our ideas and remembered that our local party store was going out of business and maybe we could get a deal. ML realized today was their final day so we headed over there to discover that everything was 90% off.  We felt like we were those ladies on extreme couponing, trying to get everything for nothing and with huge baskets filled to the top.  And we thought we were just going in for cut-outs!!  

It took forever to count all our items and to add them all up and to bag them. We were giddy with all our loot and on an adrenaline high! We felt badly for the people waiting patiently behind us and thanked them for waiting, saying it was for a good cause.

We were able to buy so many decorations for very little money and this made us very happy, silly and excited! I think the kids are going to love it! 

extreme decorators!


The Loot

Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!!

xo Adriana

Better Than a Pedicure!


This was my afternoon snack while driving the kids around yesterday afternoon and that’s only part of the good stuff.

You see these juicy, delicious, heirloom cherry tomatoes were washed and bagged and just given to me. I loved this gift!!

My BFF had been to the produce market and picked up all these treasures and wanted me to come over to chat, clean, chop, and cook together. She and I both love to cook for our families and friends and she is excellent at choosing and cooking healthy meals from scratch!  I absolutely love cooking with her and watching her whip up the most delicious meals by adding a little of this and a little of that, without really measuring.  Together we mix and taste and add our own bits to make the sum greater than the parts and it is so fun!  Usually we have four different meals being prepared at the same time. It’s a fun, chaotic and crazy kitchen and we laugh and work really fast and have the best time together.

The hardest part of cooking for me is picking out what to make and she decided that part and did all the prep shopping and I just showed up and got busy, bringing to go containers and pots and one ingredient.

I love doing something together with my BFFs and this was the perfect idea. 

I can’t wait to do it again next week, but I’ll do the shopping and prep and she can come to my house this time!

I don’t know which part I liked the best. Maybe it was doing the work together or maybe it was chatting and laughing side by side, sharing stories.  I think maybe it was that she planned this activity for us and I just showed up ready to work.  Maybe it was leaving after spending time together with baskets full of prepped meals to feed my family this week. I don’t know exactly where the magic happened, but this was better than getting a pedicure together!


I am still smiling and enjoying this activity even today, and we still have food left for tomorrow and maybe the next day too. 


Thank you ML! You made my day!!


Togetherness in Full Tilt

I love my crazy family.

We have been together in hotel rooms for the past 4 nights and have had messed up schedules and are still going strong. We’ve had our woes of togetherness but are still in love and ready to keep on exploring.

Today we moseyed on home and stopped at places we wanted to see along the way. We enjoyed the journey and didn’t focus on the final destination.

Our first stop off the beaten highway was Santa Margarita. We wanted to see where the Pozo Saloon was located. The drive out here was gorgeous.


It was fun to drive down roads we’ve never been on before and to imagine what it would be like to live in a remote part of a town.

From here we continued on and stopped to tour the Firestone Walker Brewery. Again, this is a place we always want to visit, but we are typically focused on the destination and don’t want to stop and slow down. Today we slowed and enjoyed a tasty lunch and brewery tastings.



As we drove, we were invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with April’s family. We were then excited to be home, but weren’t done just being on the road, as we had one more curiosity to explore.

ML and her family were camping at the beach and we decided to stop in for a quick happy hour and to wrap up our vacation with friends. This happy hour did not include food nor drink – just an hour of togetherness walking and talking and watching the sunset.



I loved that my family rallied to stop at the beach one more time and to visit with friends! I am lucky!!

And finally, we hurried up to make it home in time to enjoy dinner with April. She had prepared dumpling fixins’ and we arrived in time to help with the assembly. We all had a blast!

And now, even I am tired and am so happy to be back in my own nest again with all my little chickens in their coops. We are fully baked! Time to rest.

Life is good, living it up every day, every way I can. Hope you’re doing the same. xoxo

Friends and Family

This sign was hanging in the women’s restroom in San Luis Obispo.

In the men’s room, Jeff says the sign said, “Some call it chaos. we call it family.”

I think we have it all.

We spent a lot of time with extended family this weekend and I feel sad leaving them, even though I am happy to be going home again.

I love being together and embracing the chaos and love that swirl around us, tying us together through shared experiences and laughter.

There were several highlights from our time together, however my favorite was when friends and family gathered outside and held hands, all 26 of us, and shared a Thanksgiving prayer before dinner acknowledging our gifts and our heartbreaking loss of Chase this year. We were able to smile and cry together and it was a beautiful moment of being safe and authentic, vulnerable and real. We were happy to be together and sad to be missing a loved one. Yin and yang.

I love the unique gifts that each person brings to our family, quirks and all.

IMG_2041.JPGHomemade bacon.

I kept reminding myself that we all bring love to share in our own way.

IMG_1952.JPGBaking together.

I am especially thankful to my parents for opening their home to everyone and making us welcome and embracing everyone with unconditional love.

We left their home this afternoon and headed home ourselves. My favorite place to be, besides home, is at the beach. My BFF ML also loves the beach and was at Pismo today. We were so lucky to be able to find each other on the beach and watched the sunset together with our families.

This was such a great way to wrap up the day and I was so happy to see her and to be together on the beach!! Simple joys, I’m telling you!!

Life is good!

I hope you enjoyed your own family and friends this giving thanks weekend, and always.

Wishing you peace and love! xo