Do you scrapbook?  Do you keep boxes of photos, cards, mementos and other pieces of your history?

How often do you go backwards and look at your past?

Last night, Juliana opened up some of our treasure boxes. She was looking for old photos, but most of what she found since she was born, were old cards and papers. Since she was born, I mostly stopped printing pictures and went mostly digital. I tend to hold on to holiday reminders and connections between our family and friends and family. I like to see people’s writing and their names and words. The thing she did find that we both enjoyed was my pregnancy journal that I kept as I was pregnant with her. We both smiled and enjoyed the beginning of her story.

My digital library is a mess. Some of it is backed up and some of it is organized, but not all or most of it. I just don’t find it as exciting as the boxes filled with things I can touch. I like to touch my pictures and books more than I like looking at a screen.   I stopped printing and creating albums because I ran out of space to store them.

I like to share snippets on Facebook and am absolutely loving Facebook Memories. These memories bring back a glimpse of what I shared on any particular day from years past.  I have been on Facebook since probably 2008 and seeing my little kids’ faces pop up each day really makes me smile, and usually there is only a handful of stories to recall. Maybe this is a good digital strategy, to only take or keep 5 pictures on any given day. Maybe then my digital memories would be more meaningful and manageable.

How do you like to store and keep your memories? Do you have a strategy and process that works for you that sparks joy?

Here is the memory photo that popped up today that made me smile. I loved being a stay at home mom and baking with my kids and taking them to the park and just being with them.


May your memories fill you with joy.


#TBT: Throw Back Thursday

I took Christian to get his hair cut today and as he was sitting in the chair, I was remembering back to the days when he didn’t really like to get his hair cut and how he looked forward to the lollipop afterwards. He doesn’t mind anymore and skips the treats.

I love seeing old pictures and remembering things I have forgotten and seeing the good ol days. I also love seeing other peoples’ old memories posted on Facebook and tagged as #TBT.

I quickly glanced through some of my old pics that were available digitally from my phone and found this picture, that is 12 years old! 

It caught my eye and had me feeling all the feels. I remembered how much Christian was into Bob the Builder. Juliana used to only go to sleep with her little soft blanket. I loved the colorful, small blanket that my Grandma crocheted with what looks like remnants of left over yarn. The long, colorful snake used to bring hours of laughter as Christian and Craig ran around together through the house with it, making up silly sayings. Juliana and Christian used to share a room and this was their House shaped loft bed, which they loved.

One picture, so many memories. When you’re in the moment, you don’t really see it the same way as 12 years later.  This #TBT thing is fun.

What picture brings you back in time, reflecting on good times?

Live it up now and take pictures so you can smile again on Thursdays.

Life is good. 

Old Friends

What is it about old friends that makes you smile and happy?

My old friend, Jeni, was In town tonight on a business trip and we had several hours to catch up. I haven’t seen her in several years, yet seeing her again made me so happy. She provides a link between the new me and the old me and she made it feel like no time had passed at all. She reminds me of a time when I had no responsibilities and ate lots of junk food and laughed all the time and had silly nicknames and when we danced to Madonna over and over again on my boom box. We were young and we really knew how to play and live in the moment.

We looked at old yearbooks and letters and cards and shared stories of a time long ago. This was comforting to me. We shared stories of our present married lives and being mothers and her working life. There were connections between our past and our present, and I enjoyed the comfort and familiarity that you get from a shared history and remembrance. I’m glad I held on to all the mementos and got to share memories and stories with my old friend.

I wish the same for you and if you are lucky enough to have an old friend or two, take the time to reconnect. I’m sure it’ll be good for your souls and make you feel young again.


GGG – Day 7 – Your Favorite Memory

“Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.”- Dr. Seuss

Gratitude Gift Giving – Day 7 – What is your favorite memory? What do you do to create memories and are you even aware that your habits and holidays might become memories? What do you remember fondly from your childhood? Were there repetitive things that you looked forward to like summer vacations or a favorite swimming pool or friend?

I am thankful for my memories and the photos that I’ve taken so maybe I can actually remember my memories!! I have a bad memory, which is sometimes a good thing because then hopefully I’ll forget all the bad things and maybe remember the good things. Writing this blog will also hopefully capture the highlights so I can read about what I did once upon a time! And just like photos, with writing we also capture the positive highlights because who wants to share or keep a bad photo or a negative experience? We usually try to forget those.

All of my favorite memories are related to experiences with friends and family, vacations and sports. Water skiing, Twin Lakes, driving across country and camping along the way, going to Australia with my soccer team when I was 12, swimming with my neighbors and family, going to Zuma Beach, and on and on.

I don’t think I have a favorite memory, although the most memorable are major life events – like getting engaged, getting married, getting pregnant, having babies, buying our first home, and moving to Amsterdam, etc., etc.

Today our family went to the Stanford Football Game and tailgated with friends beforehand. I am hoping these type of events and traditions will become shared family memories that my kids will remember fondly as they grow up.

What are your favorites?

Day 29: How did you Enjoy Your Family Today?

I’m not busy. 

Ya, right. I’m so busy that my head is spinning. I just ate dinner at 10:30 pm – does that say anything? I haven’t checked voicemail and haven’t really read email and just returned a text or two.  But that’s not really important.

I could go through the checklist again, but that’s kinda boring and not the point either. Plus – we are all busy – even the 2 year old and the 84 year old. We’re all busy with whatever we’re doing today otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it. So what?

But what I really want to share and think about is how did you enjoy your family today? Did you slow down and if so, how? What did it look like? What did you do together?

You see – my friend suddenly lost her husband at the age of 48 this week and she has asked us to stop and enjoy our family, in honor of her husband.  She doesn’t want us to send flowers, but rather an email telling her what we did together. She wants all of us amazing families to spend some time appreciating one another and slowing down to enjoy the ride. I love that!  And she is my new mentor because I always have mentors in my life. And sure she is struggling with the biggest challenge of her life, but she’s reaching out to us and asking us to slow down and share our journey with her. Can you believe that?

So I did. 

I am.

Here I am.

I called my sister on the way to pick up the boys from camp. I am going to miss our daily chats. The little one made my day with her cheerful voice.

I stopped for ice cream with the boys on the way home from camp at Dairy Belle – CJ’s favorite place since he was little. I had one too because ice cream is good for you. Image

And at 5 pm tonight, while I was finally washing the dishes from dinner last night, J called from April’s to see if S & J could come over to play. Since I didn’t have to leave for 45 minutes, I said sure, of course, come on over. Once they got here and the kitchen was almost done, they asked if they could make snow cones. (REALLY??)  And I said sure, of course. We can make snow cones and clean up in  30 minutes, right? So I was a few minutes late – so what? Check out their faces and smiles!  


On my way home from my meeting, I made a call to a friend who shared AMAZING and heartfelt news. I’m so glad I called even though I’m “busy”.  

I also called my mama to thank her for the spaghetti sauce that we shared last night and that I was glad she was with me in spirit. And when I finished putting the kids to bed and sorting more baskets, I finally ate dinner: Left overs from my mama – the best comfort food on the planet!!  Thanks, Mama.


And thank you for the challenge to enjoy what we have and what we’re doing right now. I’m thinking of you (my mentor) and wishing you peace and grace.