Day 23: New Couch & New Experiences

How many days until school starts??  I’m ready and the kids are ready too. How about you?  We are ready for a routine and structure again, and to make new friends.  And I’m ready to not be the E-ticket ride!  😉

Today our IKEA couch arrived in four large boxes. I decided to surprise Jeff and assemble it myself!!  Image

I think the couch was much easier than the bookcase – less steps to follow. J helped me align the large pieces at the end. We then played around with it and the rug to see how to make it fit the best in the space.  We can’t sit on the cushions for 24 hours as they have to fluff up fully otherwise the stuffing with get squished and not fluff up again (I think that’s what they said in Dutch when explaining the warranty!)


Tomorrow I’ll post a picture with the slipcover and cushions on it. I think I’m going to like this cozy little nook.

Today is Friday and the Amstelveen marketplace had a farmer’s market/bazaar going until 4 pm. After the couch assembly, we were able to get over there for awhile. We learned that parking spots are very small and driving through a parking garage is very tight and challenging. I don’t know how my mini-van will do here!  I think I’ll be doing a lot more bike riding!!  We found some great frites, fresh produce and delicious cookies. We also met another family from our school, when they heard us speaking English. 



Char and Owen had fun playing with all the boxes from the last two days and turning them into boats and houses and RVs. Hopefully it doesn’t rain for a few days!



And finally this evening, Jeff and I went to the Makro – a big, warehouse like store similar to COSTCO, to do some shopping. It was nice to go there, but I found it a bit overwhelming – probably because I was overtired again. It would be really fun if I could read the labels and understand what is what. We spent more than 5 minutes trying to pick butter, just to give you an example. And then we were looking for something to clean the bathrooms, and we had no idea which one was the best. We picked something that had a picture on it – showing sinks, and showers. Hopefully it’ll work. Everything just takes a little longer when you don’t know the language.  

I did have fun though, perusing the different wines from different countries, and the cookies and candies.  I think it’ll get easier and easier as I understand more. 



Some of the different candy on the candy isle at Makro.