This is love.

I love this girl with all my heart. She is my soul sister and BFF.

It’s so nice to go through life with her as my passenger.  I love the way she thinks and talks and laughs. I love being near her and feeling her presence and I’m so proud of her.

Today we didn’t have a plan and it was a perfect day. We got up early and had our coffee together. We ate a little breakfast and then decided to visit my happy place for a hike without the kids. Exercising together is the perfect way to start a day.

When we were done, we shopped together for lunch and dinner. We took the kids to the pool and enjoyed watching them enjoy one another.

Later, the little one danced and the next youngest played the drums, while we worked the kitchen.

It was a perfectly unplanned day and I loved it! I love her and am so glad she’s still here with me.

Life is good!! Who are your favorite peeps to be free with?

Goodnight BeLoveRs.