Wine or Work Out?

Tonight I chose to work out instead of relaxing with a glass of wine or ice cream. It was a tough decision, but I’m smiling now. I bet I’ll sleep better too! I put on my work out clothes this morning with the  thought of working out first thing and the day slipped away. I’m glad I still had my running shoes on after the dinner dishes were done and made my way to the garage instead of the couch. Baby steps…or actually 3.53 miles!  Yay, for the little changes.

What little changes did you get to make today?

Wishing you well. 

Goodnight. xo


What’s your hurdle?

What’s stopping you from taking the first leap? Do you even know?

Is there something that you want to try or do yet you’re afraid or busy or tired or bored or whatever you tell yourself that gets in your own way?

My hurdle is losing X number of pounds. It’s sooo much work to lose so little yet so easy to gain it all back plus more in a weekend, that my motivation has been, “I’ll try again on Monday.” And I do and fail by Tuesday. Sometimes Wednesday. And then I have to wait until Monday again, or some other crazy rational thought!

But today is Tuesday and I decided to jump over the hurdle right now and start on an off day. I need to do something right now and don’t want to wait any longer. So Tuesday is my new Monday. I jumped and didn’t fall!

I made a big pot of skinny girl vegetable soup that I can enjoy all week! I love soup. It’s comfort food to me and that’s what I need without the calories!

I’m a food lover so depriving myself of good food is not an option. Having something that is healthy and ready to eat and I don’t have to worry about portions is what I think I need to get over the hurdle in my head!

Wish me luck!! And I wish you luck taking that first leap, even if you don’t want to, to get over your own hurdle! Just do it! The first leap is always the hardest! Namaste.


My relationship with food is changing. I’m trying to lose a few pounds and am trying new strategies. None of this is new or rocket science and I know we all try to lose a pound here or there.

The thing that I’m noticing this time around is how much of my time and life is focused on food. Have you ever thought of it like that before?

I was sitting on the floor, looking up at our bookcase and noticed how much space was consumed just by cookbooks, that I hardly ever look at but like holding on to anyway. I even like thinking about food.


I was thinking about how as a mother and provider of sustenance for my family, I spend quite a bit of time thinking about, planning, gathering, preparing and serving meals over and over again. And typically when we are doing something socially, food is involved. Same with date nights. We think about where we should go out to eat. Food is a form of entertainment and feel goodness and something that is shared and enjoyed and creates connections and shared memories.

Now that I really want to lose weight, my mind is shifting. I don’t want to be thinking about food as entertainment. I want to eat more healthfully and be more mindful of my portions and food choices. Yet my old self really is a foodie and I like to try everything and share everything and I don’t have an off switch. I love food! And when it’s in front of me or shared with me, I want to eat. But now I’m wanting food to be less of a priority and focus – not that I don’t want to eat, but I want to spend less time thinking about and preparing food, if that makes any sense. Yet if I want to be surrounded by healthier options, I have to spend more time at the grocery store buying fresh produce and chopping it up so I’m prepared when hunger strikes. Today I made a minestrone soup with quinoa and kale that I can enjoy quickly when I’m hungry during the week.

I’m working on self control and controlling my temptations, yet it’s quite challenging. It’s that yin and yang thing again, and it’s a struggle. The desire to shed a few pounds and enjoy shared meals. I know they’re not mutually exclusive and that there is a balance, yet I’m not there yet and my family isn’t joining me on this ride. I’m getting there…I think, but this is work! And I know there are substitutes and I can still share meals, but the carrot sticks are just not as appetizing as the crackers and artichoke dip and I have to work on the discipline while I change my behaviors.

How about for you? Is this easy? What’s your strategy to eating and living healthfully? I’m curious what works for you. Have a great, healthy week!

Day 68: Here I Am… Trying to Become Stronger



The scale is not my friend. Maybe it’s the Frites and Stroopwaffels and Licorice that aren’t my friends either!

So today I made new friends again. My old friends. Kettle and Bell. I sure hope they help me to become stronger  (who am I kidding) skinnier!  Not that I’ll ever be skinny skinny. But losing a layer wouldn’t be such a bad thing! Although they say it gets quite cold here, starting very soon..I’d much rather add a scarf layer or a sweater layer than the one layer around my middle. 

I just have to keep focused – sounds easy, but in fact I lose focus daily and say to myself I’ll start again on Monday. There’s always another Monday just around the weekend. Well, today marked a new month, a new season and a new Monday. So Here I Am, trying again.

What do you want to improve? Try? Change?  C’mon I’ll help you – we can work together to become stronger, more focused, more you name it.  Now, that I’ve said it out loud, I’ve got to make it stick. Thanks for your moral support. Your turn…