Day 284: Keukenhof – The World’s Largest Flower Garden


Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is the world’s largest flower garden. It is situated near Lisse, Netherlands. Over 7,000,000 bulbs are planted each year.

Today was a warm and sunny day and perfect for wandering the fields with Rob and Wendy and their two dogs. We all had a great time taking pictures, enjoying the floral scents that filled the air, listening to live music and enjoying our time together. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from this beautiful place.













Mama and Pops – I wish you were here with me today! You would have loved it.

Happy Liberation Day! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Day 137: Christmas at Keukenhof Castle


Sometimes I think writing this blog helps me to not be lazy. For example, today would have been a good day to just stay inside. But that would be a boring way to spend the day, and even more boring to write about. Plus even when I think I want to be lazy at the house doing nothing, I’m always doing something so I might as well do something I want to do versus the nothing I think I want to do…if that makes any sense?!?

Jeff and I went for a 40 minute run in the rain. The snow has melted but the rain kept coming. Part of the trails and streets were covered in ice and frozen and other parts were slushy or dry.We had to slow down in a few spots so as not to fall. I am surprisingly enjoying running – it gives us another thing to do together, which is what I was wishing for back in January. Who knew we’d have to move to Holland to discover time to work out together? I’m not complaining!

Later in the day we took the kids to the Keukenhof Castle. The Keukenhof is known for their flower gardens in the spring. And at Christmas time, they have Christmas markets which is like a county fair along the little roads near the mansion.

Inside the mansion, you could pay extra for a walking tour of the first floor. Good thing is that they didn’t charge for kids to go in – just adults. Each room was decorated with grandiose floral arrangements and art.


It reminded me of the Mother’s Day tea party at Filoli Gardens that Marcia and I enjoyed this year.

Although Filoli would be like champagne and Keukenhof would be like apple juice. Night and day difference in the quality and detail of the exhibits.

Outside, there were tents set up with vendors selling their wares. There was a very childlike circus and miniature ponies.

I liked the Wiener trick slide and seeing Santa Claus.

I tried the Gluiwijn – or warm wine for the first time, which was interesting. They had fire pots burning along the walkways to keep people warm – something else you wouldn’t see back home!!

They were unprotected and crowds could easily run into them.

I was the only one who wanted to visit with Santa Claus!! Can you believe that? Luckily they were all good sports and joined me anyway. I told Santa that it might be just him and I, but soon the rest didn’t disappoint! Santa is a newer concept in Holland and he even asked us if we knew when he arrived. They had a Coca-Cola elf assisting Santa who would take our picture with our camera.

There wasn’t a professional photographer charging us 30euros for a 5×7 which was really nice.


At the end, we all enjoyed another Oliebollen, and this time they were still warm! What a treat!

Merry Christmas!!