I love Michigan! I am so happy to be visiting our friends Megan and Joe and their family for a long weekend.

We enjoyed the great weather outdoors and explored Saugatuck today. We didn’t really care what we did, as we just wanted to do something together and see a bit of the state and walk around.

The highlights for me were seeing the kids splash around in Lake Michigan and catching fireflies.

Our friends Kris and Pat always vacation in this town and I was curious to see what it was like. It was very quaint and I could see why they like coming here with their family. I just wish we had more time to spend on the water.



After exploring a bit of the town and having a bite to eat, we traveled along to West County Park on the Lake Michigan Shore. Here we skipped rocks, played in the water, and built rock sculptures, seeing who could pile the most together before they toppled over.


And to end the day, the kids made my night by catching and releasing fireflies that just fascinated me.



It’s the simple things in life that make me happy – like time spent together with good friends.

Life is good!

Open Space

This is something I long for at home: plenty of open space to run free, where you can see for miles, and spread out and roam free.




The kids are having so much fun at Jeff’s cousin’s house in Illinois.

I love their big, open, lush green backyard and the sound and sight of the trains passing nearby.

We saw lightening bugs on this trip which we don’t see in California and tons of Mosquitos too. I hope we didn’t get any bites!

We are enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer and can’t believe it’s almost over.

Life is good.