Leprechaun Traps


Where did this tradition begin?  Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and Charlie has made yet another Leprechaun trap. He’s hoping to trick the little trickster into his trap and catching him. I wonder what he would do with him if he caught him?  What would you do with a Leprechaun? Do they have gold? Will they grant you wishes?  I think it’s one of those fun little mysteries that is quite intriguing to kids.

At some homes, the Leprechauns like to play tricks and mess up the house by putting the chairs on top of the tables, turning the toilet water green and tee-peeing the house with toilet paper.  Usually, they leave little treats or coins for good boys and girls.


I wonder if the Leprechauns will arrive tonight at your house or mine.  Enjoy the giggles and the magic and mystery.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

“May the blessings of each day
Be the blessings you need most.” – Irish Blessing

Day 230: Sick Day

Charlie was sick before we left for our trip, but rallied through. When his ear was hurting on the plane, I knew he really was still sick. Luckily it felt better today, but he was still under the weather (isn’t that a funny expression?) and Jeff and I are a bit sick too with itchy ears, throats, and achy heads. So the three of us stayed home today…

And tried to rest.

I got to actually enjoy my little boy, who isn’t that little any more. He invited me to make a leprechaun trap. He’s hoping to catch the sneaky little guy on St. Patrick’s Day and has quite the plan. I loved hearing his ideas and seeing his imagination and creativity.

After the trap was complete and set up in a good spot, it was time for a snuggle. He wanted me to sit with him and watch a movie. The movie he picked was Brave. Have you seen it? It was such a great movie that changes the princess story to something that I love – the main character was a strong, independent, sporty woman with her own destiny, writing her own life script, with her wild and crazy hair and choosing her own path and partner. I could relate! I also loved the mother/daughter role and how they learned together. But most of all I just loved having time with my little buddy!

I Am happy we were home sick, yet hope we will be better tomorrow! Stay healthy! xo