Day 72: Coming and Going

People are always coming and going and leaving and returning. I love when our paths cross.

I was so happy that my family came to visit me for Mother’s Day. And felt so sad when they left today to go home. I enjoyed their visit very much and was so happy to be together. And yet, I’m sure they were excited to go home today, back to their own beds and comforts and probably also a bit sad to leave, knowing that it won’t be as easy to see each other in a couple months as it was this weekend. Ying and Yang. The feelings are so intermixed.


Me and K right before she had to get in the car for the 6 hour car ride home. 😦

I guess I’m getting practice for the big move and savoring the moments, and learning to let go. Not forever, but still – you get what I mean. 

Where are you going this week? Who’s coming over? Who’s leaving? Who’s returning? Hope you enjoy the ride!!