Are You Happy To Be Alive?

Make some noise!

I’m watching the raunchy VMAs and this introduction caught my attention, as the star got the audience responding with cheers and claps and building energy in the room.

Are you happy to be alive? Are you bringing energy to your room, your house, your office space, your sanctuary, and to your people?

Are you loving out loud and living with intention and making this life, this moment, your personal best?

I am. Every day I am practicing and making some noise! Can you hear me? Are you making noise too?

Today Charlie made my day. He asked me if he could have a Coke. He’s only allowed to have a soft drink on the weekend, so I said yes. We keep the sodas in the garage fridge. He came in the house and said to me, “Mom, I need to share this with you.”  I thanked him for wanting to share something with me and asked him why he wanted to share, and he showed me the back side of the can, that said ‘Dreamer’.”

He said, “This can is for you mommy, because you’re a dreamer.”

This made me smile. Can he see that I have big dreams for him and his siblings and our family? I love that he knows this about me and that he too is a big time dreamer and planner. I love that he wanted to share with me too.

I am happy he’s alive. And I am making some noise!!  WOOT!!

Live with intention and purpose and dance and shout, BeLoveRs.  Make some NOISE. We are A-L-I-V-E!!

I Want You to Be Happy.

While we’re busy living and doing all this stuff, let’s not forget our own souls. We are the caretakers of our communities and we have to be strong ourselves in order to keep on giving and loving and nurturing all those in our care.  I write daily to share my journey and continually changing pursuit of happiness so that just maybe we’ll connect and share ideas and inspire one another. Maybe one post or idea will make you laugh or smile or feel happy and that’s good enough for me.

I was inspired today by this blog post from Glennon over at Momastery.  Click here to read: Glennon’s blog link.

Even though it has a Christian spin on it, it still relates to all souls.  We need to find our joy and dance, just because we can and our joy fills our kids with joy.  They want us to be happy more than anything else.  And sometimes we forget that while we’re trying to do it all.

Carve out time for you, even if you have to hide in the bathroom for five minutes or sneak away to a fun store when you’re “supposed” to be grocery shopping.

Today I found joy by walking with Elizabeth and her baby before the rain came. The dishes and laundry waited. And we got 2000+ more steps in and quality girl time to chat and catch up.


Look at this pretty plant we found on our walk. I’ve never seen anything like it. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I found joy by saying yes to lunch with Kelly, as we have been trying to get together and to be spontaneous and today was the day. My girlfriends make life sweeter.


The papers and piles waited too, and they didn’t make me grumpy.

I smiled and felt joy watching Charlie at his drum lesson today and was so thankful the teacher was patient and kind and good at his job. His first lesson was: Be respectful. The second lesson was: Play bold. Make big mistakes. And the rest of the lesson just flowed too. I only wished I had sticks in my hand too.


I laughed with Juliana at the table before we headed out for our 5th round trip today, running to and from here and there. We laughed so hard, just being silly in between making dinner and finally getting the house back in order.

The laundry got done. The dishes got done. And joy was discovered despite it all. Ha!

How did you get up and dance today? What did you eat? Did you share a meal with someone? Be. Happy.

Live it up. Laugh out loud. Love yourself.



Live It Up Right Now Because You Can!

Did you live it up today? What made you smile?

My day was full of smiles.

Today was a day to celebrate – but isn’t every day?

It reached 81 degrees out today and felt like summer!


Jeff’s grandparents celebrated 71 years of marriage today. Isn’t that amazing? I called them from the baseball field and we chatted for 20 minutes which is a very long time!

They grew up in a time where every minute on the phone cost a lot of money, so I appreciated every minute we shared together.  They read my blog every day – Hi MamMam and PopPop!!  I asked them what their marriage success tips were and they said that they listened to each other and did what each other asked of each other (most of the time). They just choose to get along and to take care of one another. I think this is brilliant advice.  PopPop reminded me that I’ve been married for quite awhile now and asked me what I thought made for a successful marriage and I told him that we were going on 18 years already, and that we really liked each other and were each other’s best friend and that we really just liked being together. He said that he thought I then knew the secret too. And we laughed. This made my day. I loved hearing them tell stories and love how they look out for each other. I want to live my life that way too, forever. PopPop will be 94 and MamMam will be 90 very soon. I think they are very wise and had some good advice to share today. Way to live it up!

I wandered around the field collecting trash as I chatted on the phone, which made me feel good and it didn’t take too much time. I probably picked up at least 50 pieces…isn’t that crazy?20140313-222909.jpg

MLs birthday was today too.  We spontaneously found some time to go get a pedicure together.

We got to enjoy some pampering and chattering and time together celebrating sweet her!  I love time with friends and love birthdays for an excuse to get together, not that we really need one.  My toes are thankful!!

Debbie’s birthday was today too! Happy Birthday, Debbie. Let’s celebrate tomorrow since I didn’t get a chance to stop by for a visit today.

The kids are getting very busy with their sports and I’m loving seeing them in action.

I love that they are part of teams and are outside running around every day with their friends. Team sports are such an important part of growing up and I’m thankful they have all found a place to practice.


Life is good.

Live it up. Love it Out. and Laugh Out Loud!  Namaste

Riding home from school with Charlie today in the bakfiets.

It’s almost Friday – are you smiling yet? 🙂