Happy New Year

Welome to another year of living happily ever after, AKA Happy New Year! Life is always changing and is unpredictable, just like the weather and the seasons and I hope that you discover joy in every moment that comes your way this year.

I discovered joy in the snow this first week of the new year and am thankful that my son wanted to go skiing for Christmas. I don’t like to be cold and am uncomfortable in the snow. Despite these facts, I chose to go anyway and to be outside, and to even ski. Even though I resisted at first and complained a little about being cold and wet, I still found reasons to celebrate and to enjoy the moments and was filled with gratitude and joy!

Life is good and I wish you love, joy, and happiness every day. Happy New Year!

xo Adriana

Today is My Birthday!

I still love birthdays. Thank you for all the birthday love shared. It was the best day to be alive! Much better than the alternative, and my dad wished me another fifty years, hoping he’d be there to celebrate too! Crazy man…I love him!

My car was decorated on the inside with a Dutch banner, wishing me a happy birthday. We usually decorate our kitchen with banners and streamers on birthdays, but since we were gone, Juliana and Jeff decorated my car last night to surprise me this morning. Aren’t they cute? I should have taken a picture!!

We spent the day in Lake Tahoe again and journeyed back home in time for a surprise chocolate cake and visit with April and Steve and the girls.

We had breakfast at The Old Post Office on the North Shore with my Aunt and Uncle, and my mom and dad. I loved being together with everyone and the breakfast was delicious! If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, in a cozy, family diner setting with friendly service, you should visit this place.

I opened my birthday cards and presents and after breakfast, we took a drive to the South Shore with my parents to walk near the water before heading home. We stopped by Camp Richardson, at the Tallac Historic Site and beach area, where we hung out 5 years ago. I loved the colored sand and calm beachfront and was so tempted to go paddle again, especially since it wasn’t windy here. We couldn’t stay long as we needed to get back home at a decent hour.



Just having fun being dry and balanced on the water!!
We said goodbye to my parents and took off for home, listening to the USA vs Ghana World Cup game details on XM radio and loving that the USA won 2-1! We also listened to my new CDs that Juliana and Jeff picked out for me for my birthday.

I loved reading all the lovely Facebook messages and texts and emails with birthday wishes and love and memories. Thank you for sharing this day with me and making the car ride fun!

My birthday ended with my other family coming over with birthday cake to celebrate together. I received a very special gift in a jar. It had a play date coupon inside, for just me and my little friend Jessie, that was hand painted with some great ideas for our date together. I can’t wait to redeem it!!

I am the luckiest birthday princess in the world!




I wish you love, peace, & happiness every day, that is my birth-day wish for you! Namaste.

It’s not a party, without M&Ms!!

Happy Father’s Day!

I just want to recognize all the men who love their wives and girlfriends and children and their adopted kids and make this world a better place because of their presence and the love they share.

Happy Dad’s Day to my husband. I loved watching you with our kids on Lake Tahoe today.

Happy Pop’s Day to my pops. I loved spending the day with you and mom and my family on the water.



Life is good and I am thankful for the men in my life! I love you.


Family Time – Lake Tahoe


Some of my large extended family chose to meet up in Lake Tahoe today. Not everyone could make it, but several of us traveled to meet up for a few hours and it was good! Lake Tahoe is a majestic place.

My aunt and uncle own The Old Post Office restaurant on the North Shore. They opened up their restaurant for our private party and cooked for all of us. We had delicious ribs, chicken in a brown mushroom sauce, fresh fruit, mixed veggies, bread, smashed potatoes and baked beans. Dinner was filling and fabulous. Thank you for hosting us Aunt Linda and Uncle Frank!!


I loved seeing everyone again and missed seeing several faces too. I got to hold brand new babies and to reconnect with loved ones. I only wish we had more time to share. The night went by so quickly!!

Life is good. Family makes it sweeter!