My Business Trip

I got back last night from my “business trip.”  That’s how I described it to Jeff and in a way, it was a mom’s networking business trip, in addition to a mini-beach vacation of course.

I came back refreshed and renewed. The kids’ noises didn’t bother me as much today. I was excited again to pick them up from school and to take them to and from their appointments.  I enjoyed their company and hugged them more and was a lot more patient. I think it’s so important for mamas to have a break from their routines and to spend time with their girlfriends alone without husbands or kids. It makes us better mamas because we are able to recharge, refocus and to come back home, ready to give unconditionally again when we return.  

I was hugging on Charlie before bed, and in the car and just loving him up today. When I tucked him into bed, he said, “Boy mom, you really like me today.”  I said, “I always love you and I’m so lucky to be sharing this life with you everyday.”  He gave me a big hug and proceeded to tell me which cookies we should bake for Christmas, as he was studying a cookie recipe book that I had on the table tonight. I love that he’s making plans for us.

When I came back from my trip away from my normal routine, I felt thankful for my husband for taking care of our family by himself while I was away, in addition to all he does on a normal day. I’m thankful that my kids had fun with their daddy and were spoiled by him and I’m thankful for my community of friends at home who helped out too. Of course I missed them, but I was so happy to just be me and to have some time to sit by the water and to play with my friends and to reenergize, without anyone needing anything from me.

I enjoyed the time with women who know so much and who shared with me their life stories and where they are at with kids in college, getting ready for college and SAT testing, driving, and living abroad and all that good stuff.  They shared their stories of going back to work and finding balance and their choices and they just helped me to ponder all of the possibilities.  I respect these women and their choices and love that they are different from me yet we all share a love and passion for volleyball and our time together.  I felt like we had these mini-breakout sessions, as you would at a conference, yet this time we were at a beach conference for 3 days.

Everyone needs a break from their routine and this type of business trip was just right for me.

Do you have any breaks planned? If not, start gathering your ideas and your friends and create some space and time to get away. The experience and rejuvenation and connections are priceless.


Life is good and I’m so thankful.


Laguna Beach Volleyball Weekend

We are 16+ volleyball moms and 12 of us are spending the weekend together with no drama. The group has been meeting weekly for ten years, with some old timers and some newer members. It’s really cool to see all the connections and to share and learn from one another in a fun environment, united by our love for outdoor volleyball. The oldest child of our group is 23 and the youngest is 9. We are good together.

Every so often we take a weekend trip together to play at a beach instead of our weekly grassy playing field in the park.


This weekend we are enjoying Laguna Beach together. We have had so much fun playing volleyball, bodysurfing, snorkeling, playing games, sharing food and drink, going for walks, laughing and enjoying the sun and surf.

Women friends are priceless and I am thankful for the relationships we share.

Life is good.


The Happiest Place on Earth

I am content.





This weekend my husband is taking good care of our kids and I am enjoying a mini-vacation with my volleyball friends in Laguna Beach.


I am thankful!!

Hope you all are living it up and having a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter and happiness.