Life As A Tourist

Tonight, Juliana and I sat on the couch of our Times Square hotel, reminiscing about our day and what to blog about…she mentioned our favorite Facebook blog, Humans of New York.

Throughout our time in New York, Juliana has mentioned being interviewed by Brandon Stanton, the blogger behind HONY. She’s constantly thinking of how amazing it would be to be featured on his Facebook page, fantasizing about what the humans of the world would say in the comments section. 

So, back to our night on the couch when we were talking about blog themes, Juliana says, “You know mom, I know what I would say to Brandon if he saw me on the streets of New York, he would probably ask me what I was doing. I would let him know that I am a tourist, then I would say that in life, you are like a tourist. Sometimes you find yourself in foreign places, knowing where to go, yet not knowing how to get there.”

I love the way that girl thinks. We didn’t see Brandon today, but maybe there is still time to cross paths before we continue our journey. Fingers crossed, baby girl.  

  Life is good!