Family Time

My sister and her girls came to see us to make memories together over Memorial Day Weekend. I am so happy they are here.

I love seeing the cousins playing together and being with my sister and just hanging out. We don’t even care what we do. I think the highlight of the day was pretending to watch a movie and taking a nap instead! 

I love the simple things and today was just right! 


   How are you spending Memorial Day?

Love from our family to yours. xoxo


Not all fighting is bad.

For example, I’m fighting some kind of sickness right now. It wants to take over my throat and head and I want to push it away.

It kept me up throughout the night last night and I kept waking hoping that I wouldn’t be sick in the morning for my tennis match.

I was.

Ibuprofen took the pain away. It was a good mask.  I was able to play and forget about the pain. Maybe it was mind over matter. Or maybe it was the adrenalin in my body that made me not feel it or think about it, while I was playing to win.

My partner and I won our doubles playoff match. Our team was not as fortunate in their fight. One friend tore a muscle in her leg and had to default. The other team put up a strong fight but was defeated in the end. Our one winning court was not enough to take us to the district finals in Sacramento. I am disappointed and accept the defeat.  We did our best, and as I always tell my kids, that is good enough. It was a beautiful day and even though we lost, we still had the benefit of spending time together in the sunshine playing our favorite sport with our friends. After our matches, we share a friendly lunch or dinner with our opponents. We toasted their win with champagne and enjoyed the shared love of the game, wishing them well as they move on to represent our area.  I am happy for them and sad for us.

After the game, I came home and relaxed for awhile. I started to feel sick again, yet made it through dinner with my family. I decided to continue to fight this sickness thing and climbed into bed before 8pm. Sleep and rest is good for the body.  Juliana also says cucumbers are good for fighting colds and almonds are good for fighting migraines. These are a couple of the life hacks she read after dinner. Do you think these hacks could be true? I’m curious but was too full to try any more foods. Tomorrow is another day.

My little sweetheart brought me throat lozenges, Airborne tablets and water to help me feel better. And as I sat to write, I noticed the love note she left on my cup.

I am a lucky mama with a BIG LOVE for a daughter. Thank you for being my angel, sweet girl.

Be well, BeLovers!

P.S. Happy Birthday, to my little sister today. I’m glad you’re living in this world with me!  I love your soul and gentleness. Thanks, mama and papa for giving her to us.  xoxo


Day 9: Tears Sprung Today


What a day… the chaos of the handyman putting in the new key pad lock and fixing the fence and vents, while Stacey came by to pick up her volleyball net, and Kelly came to pick up C to take him for a day out for a great day at Great America, and Julie came by for a cup of coffee and a singing re-do jam session to Adele, and the kids danced and sang and we cleaned up the house before the cleaning team arrived and I sliced by finger open while cleaning out a camping suitcase that had an unprotected razor and bled for 45 minutes, and the crying session – all of this before 11:30 am.  How was your morning?


And I wasn’t ready to be sad just quite yet, but when I held K who is only 2 and I thought about not seeing her for a year and how much babies change in a year, the tears came as she kissed my face and then threw her head back and came up again to smother me with little kisses. And the tears kept coming… sad to miss out on seeing her every couple of months and wondering how her voice and hair and body and personality will change in such a short bit.  I was only joking when I said I’ll see you again when you’re 13!! We’ll be back WAY before then!!

And then it was time to laugh and hug my sisters and dog pile on the bed for a group hug with my nieces and kids. And we didn’t want to say goodbye, and we just hung out in the boys room for like forever just sitting and looking at each other and laughing and wiping tears while C asked us why we had to move? Trying to comfort the little ones and knowing it’s ok to move but still feeling it was a bit challenging.  We finally moved to the front yard and said our goodbyes and took pictures and hugged and kissed and cried. I’m going to miss them so much – we’re so used to seeing each other every other month or two — a year is a pretty long time to be away in family terms… I hope they come visit us in Amstelveen.


After they left, I didn’t have much time to be sad, because Julie was still here and I sliced my finger open while trying to get one more chore done!! I thought I was going to have to go to the ER, but I don’t have time for that. Luckily, the stupid finger stopped bleeding and I just had to give up a shower and going out to the Habit for lunch with Julie and our kids. She ended up going to pick up food for us and brought it back here and we sat out back to eat, while we waited for the housecleaners to show up. Their car broke down earlier and they wanted to reschedule… but after decluttering and cleaning for the cleaning people, I didn’t want to redo all that work again another day. All worked out well and the clutter and chaos are gone.

The good thing that came from being patient, is that Julie ended up taking C with her boys to a fun drop in day camp and J and I were able to get in some girl time shopping together – just the two of us, which I had promised to do this weekend. We had so much fun just being together and picking out some new clothes for her and a suitcase for me.

The day turned out well and I’m so emotionally tired and exhausted, that I’m writing my blog early tonight in hopes of getting to bed early before the news comes on!   Good night, friends.  I  miss you Kimmy and Trish and kiddos and hope you had a good drive home. xoxoxoxo

Day 11: Family

My heart is full. My head is tired.
My sisters and my nieces are in town to come and be with us before we move. Kimmy made us all memory photo books that made me cry.

My kids came home from a sleep away camp today and we were so happy to see them again. They had such a good time playing in the redwood trees and making new friends.

My sisters and I snuck away for a little girl time happy hour. So fun to laugh together.

My “wife” had us all over for a tri-tip BBQ dinner that was so delicious.

I am content and thankful for all of my blessings. I’m excited for the next phase of our life that’s about to begin in 11 more days and I’m enjoying the last few days here with family and friends. I wish you peace and happiness and days full of joy as well. Celebrate the moments!! xo