Just Say Yes

Today I said Yes.

Yes, to my mama’s request to come meet her at the ocean to go kayaking and paddling together.
Yes, to myself to take a break from my duties to enjoy the moment and make memories.

Yes, it’s ok to play even when there will always be more work to do.

I Am so happy I said Yes when I thought I should say No.



We had such a great day together in the water. We launched from Santa Cruz harbor and paddled almost all the way to the wharf. We saw sea lions, seals, a sea otter eating a crab, pelicans, seagulls, jelly fish and fisherman catching HUGE fish from the rocks on the side of the harbor by the lighthouse. We saw kayakers and paddlers and boats passing by. It was so peaceful. Being by the ocean is my favorite place to be.

Thanks mama for asking me to join you and dad today! I’m so proud of you for journeying out into the ocean for the first time! It was so awesome!!

How did you make time for yourself today? It’s so important to find joy especially when life is crazy!! Just say yes!!



Day 4: Joy & Gratitude

20120721-193336.jpgToday was an open day meaning we didn’t have much of a schedule. I checked our to do lists and everything we need to do for this move is almost done. There are a few things left but I can finish these on Monday and Tuesday. So I got to relax and enjoy the morning with friend’s dropping by unexpectedly.

Yesterday when we were at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, I was looking out at the ocean and thinking about how I could bring my paddle board out one more time. Could it be possible??? How could I do it without my van and racks to carry my board to the beach?

When we came home, I eyed my dad’s truck with his kayaks on top…. And of course my brain started dreaming…

I love when dreams come true! My dad found a way to add my board to his kayaks and we had time to go play. I love that my parents are so cool and are still spoiling me and my kids! We had an awesome late afternoon in Santa Cruz. I Am Happy!