Comfort Food

Today I made a big pot of soup for my family. Soup is the ultimate comfort food to me.

I have been gone for over a week and am happy to be home. I enjoyed my family and friends and all of our celebrations and travels and today I was happy to wake up in my own bed.

I played tennis this morning in the 50 degrees of cool, crisp sunshine. I was so happy to be out exercising again with friends, and moving my body. I forget how important exercise is to me and was thankful to be back on the court again.

Afterwards, I filled up a shopping cart at Trader Joes with good eats for the next few days and ingredients to cook some tasty meals.

We celebrated our own little family
Christmas, just the five of us and then Juliana and I decided to cook dinner together. I am so thankful that my kids like to hang out with us and I choose to enjoy every moment with them that they give me. Christian even helped me make the soup and this made me happy too.

We made a kale, white bean and sausage soup that we saw in a magazine that we picked up in San Luis Obispo yesterday. Juliana made a chicken fried rice too, because that was what she was craving. She typically prefers baking and I was just glad that we were working side by side and chatting about life together, while we cooked. I am teaching her how to be flexible with a recipe and how to modify them to her own tastes and available ingredients. This is a challenge to her as she is a rule follower and likes to be precise. I think this is why she prefers baking and I don’t but I think she actually enjoyed creating a tasty dish on her own. I am so proud of her.


Home sweet home. I love it here.

What is your favorite comfort food? What do you love to do at home?