Do It Anyway

Today was a gorgeous day. The sunlight was amazing and lasted late into the warm night.

Charlie wanted to go back outside one more time before it was too dark. I resisted at first, saying he needed to finish his homework. He promised he would and begged for ten more minutes with the cool breeze on his face.

I had just mentioned how I loved the feel of the cool breeze coming in from the kitchen window and he used my words. How could I resist?

I told him okay, he could go out again, if he’d come back and study a bit more. He then asked me if I wanted to come outside with him, and of course, my thoughts were no way! I was done. It was almost 8pm and I was ready to be resting on the couch. He asked me again, saying he wanted to play with me. How could I resist?

I have all these wise women who have taught me along the way that the time we have with our kids is actually short and that we will miss them wanting us one day. I believe in their wisdom, so I said yes. I went outside, anyway, despite my reservations and different expectations.  I enjoyed shooting baskets with him and seeing how good he is at long shots. I loved how he shared the ball with me. I loved the neighbor’s dog who came up on the driveway to greet us. I did it anyway and was happy I did. I always am and never regret doing the work once I do it and actually dive in.
What are you resisting and would you be happier if you did it anyway?  I’m curious.

Happy Doing!

The Happiest Place on Earth

Today I decided that I’m related to Walt Disney and that it’s my mission to create the Happiest Place on Earth. Here. Right now. Where we are. Don’t laugh. It’s true. 

I think we all have the power to be happy, to create happiness and to live happily ever after despite the chaos and craziness of life.

This is what I do really well.  

I practice it daily.

I sing. I laugh. A lot. At stupid things. And it’s hard to not smile back when someone is laughing at herself. Just ask my family. 

I dance. I smile. I make connections. 

I get it. I get you. I get life. And I’m not afraid to show it. Or to live it. Or to forget about it and let go. So what?

And don’t bother me, because I’m living happily ever after

Just kidding. But that is another one of my life mottos.

I choose love.

I choose happiness.

I choose you and me and them and us. We are one. One love. And we all can live happily ever after. Just choose with me. Right now. Smile. Laugh. Live. Love.