To React or Not?

Today I practiced reacting slowly and intentionally without emotion attached to the reaction in response to events.

I practiced explaining my thoughts and considered the other person’s point of view as equal to mine. I considered  and acknowledged their intentions before reacting with mine. I created space for connections and didn’t overthink and flowed with what came our way. By not reacting and adding fuel to possible conflict, there wasn’t any conflict. I was part of the solution. a-ha.

This was a good, a-ha moment! I want to continue to practice this one. It’s harder than it sounds, especially when I want to be right. Don’t we all?


Spring Break

Spring break falls at different weeks all across California.  This week my kids are off from school and we are staying close to home for several reasons.

We spent the day at swim practice, spring cleaning and hanging with friends outdoors.





My kids are happy to not have a rigid schedule and having time to relax. It’s been a chill kinda day with work and play.  I loved the slower pace and the afternoon felt remarkably long with “nothing” to do! They had time to go for a walk, eat a leisurely lunch, play basketball and darts, and even watch a movie.  I also loved having time to sit with my friend and not having to rush anywhere. There’s something really good about just being home this week.

Life is good.


“Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” – Emily Dickinson

I wouldn’t describe our vacation as ecstasy or pure bliss.

Tomorrow is the last day and actually, it’s been slightly mundane and just right.

We have practiced traveling around the world a bit and we traveled to San Diego and back this winter break. This past week we chose to stay home and I’ve learned a lot.

We actually really enjoyed being home and just living, doing whatever we felt like doing without a big plan and with time to just be without an agenda. We visited with friends. We shared meals. We played. We exercised. We stayed up late and slept in. We enjoyed sleepovers and sleeping in our own comfy beds. We watched movies and played on our electronic devices and we were content.

It didn’t matter what we choose to do, as long as there was time for us to be together and time for us to be ourselves and do our own things.

Today I chose to go on a hike with my friend early in the morning, while the kids were still in bed. At the end of our 5 mile hike, we loved standing and watching a red-tailed hawk enjoy her breakfast, protected and shielded by fallen tree branches, keeping a careful watch over her safety. There was something magical about this.



I did some shopping and came home to a quiet house. I was so thankful that everyone was gone and I could sit at my computer for a short while and just be with my own thoughts. I have several tasks to do and I keep putting them off while we are on “vacation.” I embraced the stillness and enjoyed the moments, with a tinge of guilt. I need to learn to leave that component out of the happiness equation.

This afternoon we went to a friend’s house to watch football and share a meal. I loved watching the kids play board games together and drawing with their new Christmas supplies. It was simple and perfect, despite my terrible headache. Actually, having a headache made me more observant and quiet and I actually enjoyed watching and listening to the conversation in a more relaxed state. Sometimes good things come from bad things. Perfectly, imperfect.

Today, the sense of living was enough. I am, dare I say, ecstatic? That might be a stretch. But I am happy that I’ve finally learned to be ok “staying” home and not having to be looking for the next big adrenaline rush of discovering something new. The mundane and common are really ok and quite enjoyable.

How was your day?

Happy 2015!


This is our life right now. It doesn’t always go as we plan and it just is what it is.  My wish is that we can learn to adapt to whatever God gives to us and that we can find the joy or the good in every single experience.

I wish you peace.

I wish you joy.

I wish you contentment, whatever that looks like to you.

Tonight we enjoyed just being home together. We had a raclette party that I hope we do every year. Thanks to PB for introducing us to the raclette maker back in Holland. We prepared steak, shrimp, ham, pork belly, chicken meatballs, mixed vegetables, sliced french bread, and raclette cheeses from France and Switzerland and milder melting Fontina cheese for the kids.

image image image image

We had so much fun grilling, tasting and trying different combinations. This was definitely an experience we want to repeat and was so much fun sharing together.

I loved being home and not worrying about drunk drivers, plus it’s so cold outside tonight. I am happy to be home with my loved ones, wrapping up the old and welcoming in the new.

Happy New Year, BeLoveRs!  Thank you for spending some time together. I wish you love and peace and may all your dreams come true.

Think positively every day.


Be thankful.

Consider what is good in your life, despite the struggles.

Dream BIG and make bold mistakes.

Happy 2015!

With love,





What brings you joy? You know that feeling where you can’t stop smiling just because you are?

Here I Am.

It’s what this blog is all about. Finding joy in the moments of living and enjoying all that is. I choose to share my (positive) moments to remember and to hopefully inspire you to live in your moment too and to focus on all that is good.

I so appreciate the beauty and love and friendship that is shared with me and surrounds me – the best that life has to offer. I wish the same for you.




Photos are from Carmel Beach tonight, just before sunset.

Life is good.

GGG – Day 14 – Acknowledgement

“To love someone is to acknowledge the goodness of who they are. Through loving a person we awaken their awareness of their own innate goodness. It is as though they cannot know how worthy they are until they look into the mirror of our love and see themselves.” ― John Gray

Gratitude Gift Giving – Day 14 – Acknowledgment

This may mean different things to different people. I think it means Namaste – the good in me acknowledges the good in you. Or the light in me sees the light in you. And together we shine.

We are all seeking attention and acknowledgement, knowing that we are important and that we matter. We might seek this acknowledgement through different means, but we all want it and thrive from it. Isn’t that an amazing thought? Some people seek attention through the way they look, how fit they are, how much money they make, good grades, how religious they are, which degrees they’ve attained, their job title or position, how loud they can be, how controversial they can be and sometimes even seek negative attention. We all seek to be loved and to be seen and there are different paths to attain this sense of being and to be acknowledged. I believe this to be a universal truth. And our definitions and needs for acknowledgement change as we mature.

Here I am. There you are. Life is good. You are good. Never forget that.

Facebook and Instagram and blogs are just a few platforms that allow us to share small parts of who we are and allows others to see us, to acknowledge us, to like us and to confirm our being. It’s a form of knowledge sharing, and sharing usually the good parts or the highlights of our lives and what we are passionate about. It’s a form of connection. We get to share who we are with our friends and family and we wait to see if they like what we shared or have something to add to the conversation. I love this process. And I love being inspired by others and learning how others are celebrating their days. I’m genuinely curious and grateful that people chose to share and connect.

It’s very easy to positively acknowledge others and spread joy. Click like on someone’s posts. Smile at the person in line near you. Genuinely compliment someone and feel the love that returns and know that you’ve pleased someone. Acknowledge others and they will acknowledge you. We can be the change we want to see in the world and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Today I told the lady at Costco that was sampling laundry detergent that I liked her voice. I liked that she was passionate about the qualities of laundry detergent and it sounded like she was singing it’s praises. I was strangely entertained by her voice while walking up and down the aisle. I didn’t buy the detergent, but I liked that she was enjoying her job and for some reason as I passed by her display, I felt like I should tell her. You should have seen her face and her body language when I did. She was genuinely touched and happy and told me that I made her day. Who would have thought? We both smiled.

My son likes to make noise constantly. I have a feeling that he actually wants to be acknowledged, so that we know he is there. For some reason it seems like if he’s quiet, that we don’t see him. I’m trying to acknowledge his presence in other positive ways and hoping that this habit changes soon, but I keep reacting to his incessant noises and giving him negative attention and the bad habit continues. I guess I’m still learning!

Sometimes I decide to play this game where I chose to love everyone I see. This sounds really weird, but it changes my perspective with the people that I encounter and I’m always amazed at the friendly, personal interactions that occur. For example, instead of being irritated with lousy customer service, I chose to think of the person serving me with love instead of with anger. I find something in common to share, or find something to compliment and try to create a connection versus a disconnect. I’m always pleasantly surprised how my attitude changes and the other person’s does too and everything is better.

I do this with smiles too. I smile at everyone, even the people that never smile back. And once in awhile, they can’t help but crack a smile too, which makes me happy. I have a neighbor like this. She never smiles. She always stares at me, but never smiles. And usually I stare back because that’s what she does and she doesn’t typically return a smile when I smile at her. A couple weeks ago, I was riding my bike past her house and she was staring at me again. I chose to sincerely smile at her and wave, because it feels different when you pass someone from a bicycle than when you’re slowly walking by, and believe it or not, she smiled back. Success! I wonder if she’s happy. Maybe for a moment she was.

Anyway, thank you for reading and sharing this wonderful life journey together, wherever you are. Consider yourself hugged and acknowledged!! Namaste.


This beautiful view is from Washington Park in Sunnyvale. Breathtaking, isn’t it?


ee is in Washington Park in Sunnyvale. Just simply breathtaking, isn’t it?