Day 9: Tears Sprung Today


What a day… the chaos of the handyman putting in the new key pad lock and fixing the fence and vents, while Stacey came by to pick up her volleyball net, and Kelly came to pick up C to take him for a day out for a great day at Great America, and Julie came by for a cup of coffee and a singing re-do jam session to Adele, and the kids danced and sang and we cleaned up the house before the cleaning team arrived and I sliced by finger open while cleaning out a camping suitcase that had an unprotected razor and bled for 45 minutes, and the crying session – all of this before 11:30 am.  How was your morning?


And I wasn’t ready to be sad just quite yet, but when I held K who is only 2 and I thought about not seeing her for a year and how much babies change in a year, the tears came as she kissed my face and then threw her head back and came up again to smother me with little kisses. And the tears kept coming… sad to miss out on seeing her every couple of months and wondering how her voice and hair and body and personality will change in such a short bit.  I was only joking when I said I’ll see you again when you’re 13!! We’ll be back WAY before then!!

And then it was time to laugh and hug my sisters and dog pile on the bed for a group hug with my nieces and kids. And we didn’t want to say goodbye, and we just hung out in the boys room for like forever just sitting and looking at each other and laughing and wiping tears while C asked us why we had to move? Trying to comfort the little ones and knowing it’s ok to move but still feeling it was a bit challenging.  We finally moved to the front yard and said our goodbyes and took pictures and hugged and kissed and cried. I’m going to miss them so much – we’re so used to seeing each other every other month or two — a year is a pretty long time to be away in family terms… I hope they come visit us in Amstelveen.


After they left, I didn’t have much time to be sad, because Julie was still here and I sliced my finger open while trying to get one more chore done!! I thought I was going to have to go to the ER, but I don’t have time for that. Luckily, the stupid finger stopped bleeding and I just had to give up a shower and going out to the Habit for lunch with Julie and our kids. She ended up going to pick up food for us and brought it back here and we sat out back to eat, while we waited for the housecleaners to show up. Their car broke down earlier and they wanted to reschedule… but after decluttering and cleaning for the cleaning people, I didn’t want to redo all that work again another day. All worked out well and the clutter and chaos are gone.

The good thing that came from being patient, is that Julie ended up taking C with her boys to a fun drop in day camp and J and I were able to get in some girl time shopping together – just the two of us, which I had promised to do this weekend. We had so much fun just being together and picking out some new clothes for her and a suitcase for me.

The day turned out well and I’m so emotionally tired and exhausted, that I’m writing my blog early tonight in hopes of getting to bed early before the news comes on!   Good night, friends.  I  miss you Kimmy and Trish and kiddos and hope you had a good drive home. xoxoxoxo

Day 49 – Beach Day

Oh my goodness, I don’t know how so many things are able to get done in one day, but I’m not complaining!!  


This Chihualy Glass exhibit was donated to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. It is so beautiful and we were lucky enough to see one of his shows in San Francisco. The kids were amazed, as were we! He is amazing. 

1) J had an MRI this morning at 8 am for her broken arm that’s not healing right. Hopefully it’s nothing and just needs some physical therapy – that’s what I’m hoping. We’ll find out more tomorrow. Just glad we have great doctors and facilities to care for her. She had to sit in the MRI tube for 30 minutes without moving. I got to stand and watch her. But I couldn’t stand still – so I did Yoga for her entertainment, until she started laughing. That wouldn’t be good if she moved her arm!!

2) After the doctor’s visit, we headed over to Safeway to shop for lunch and dinner at the beach! Safeway had all these nice, prepackaged salads that were just right for today. And having chips and chocolate chip cookies, are good ol’ fashioned beach food, right? The more snacks, the better?

3) We packed up the van, fed April’s cat, loaded my SUP board, got gas and we on the road to the beach for the entire day.


Beautiful and windy day at Manresa State Beach.

4) After a bit of a mixup, we met up with several friends at Manresa State Beach. Any day at the beach is a good day for me. Unfortunately, it was too windy and choppy and cold for me to bring out my paddle board. The kids didn’t seem to mind though. They had fun boogy boarding and digging deep holes and kicking a soccer ball around. I loved catching up with the Callaways and Hasletons and friends. The Callaways moved back to Utah last year, and they were back in California for a visit. It was nice to hear their perspective on moving and keeping your friends and making new ones.

5) After the visit at Manresa, we drove up Highway 1 to Costanoa to meet up with April and Julie and their families, who are camping there. Just driving up HWY 1 is a gift – we saw kite surfers and beautiful fields and ocean views. We shared a potluck dinner, the kids played wiffel ball baseball, and we made s’mores and ate more than we should. But, boy was it fun! I love camping and sitting by the campfire and just being togetgher, but just couldn’t get it all together to stay overnight. We stayed until 9 pm and then drove back over the hill to Sunnyvale. Some things, just have to give… bummer!


Roasting s’mores by the campfire! Mmm… my favorite!!

Phew!  I sure enjoyed my day “off!”  The kids were super happy and I loved hanging out with them and friends.

Oh, and Jeff ordered our tickets today to Holland – we’re still on track for leaving in 49 days, oh my!!  It’ll all get done…and I still plan to pack in as much fun as possible!