Painting with Friends


Before I hurry off to sleep, I wanted to share the highlights from the painting nite party I attended with my friends.

Jessica is my BFF from my hometown and we were celebrating her birthday tonight. The best gifts are shared experiences and creating memories together. Thanks for choosing a great way to celebrate wonderful you, Jess and including us!

If you’ve never done this before, there are organizations that bring friends together and provide all the supplies and a coach to help you be a master painter for the evening. Tonight we met up in Mountain View at a restaurant and painted a nature scene. There was music playing, food and drinks and a very funny instructor who helped us all leave our fears behind. It was fun to start with a blank canvas and to build on the different layers. I also enjoyed watching the other artists’ interpretations of the same idea and how different all of our pieces turned out. Everyone was so creative.

Life is Good!! Happy birthday, Jessica!! And many more. xoxo





San Francisco Day

Today we played the role of local tourists and took the Caltrain from Mountain View to San Francisco.

We met up with my friend Jessica and her two boys and enjoyed the journey up the peninsula together.

When we arrived in San Francisco, our first stop was Panera for lunch. We enjoyed freshly baked sandwiches, salads and soup, Mac-n-cheese, and bagels. We then had enough energy to walk along the Embarcadero to the Ferry building, stopping along the way to admire AT&T Park baseball stadium and the gorgeous weather.



When we arrived at the ferry building, we took a bike taxi to pier 15 to explore the Exploratorium.

Our feet were tired and we didn’t know how much further it might be from the ferry building to the designated pier. The bike ride was an experience in itself that we all enjoyed in the California sunshine.

The Exploratorium had so much to see and touch. We could have spent several more hours there if I didn’t have other plans this evening to bring us home by dinner time.

Everyone was having a good time, touching and learning. I especially loved the transistor circuits and watching all the creative and smart kids work together collaboratively.

I also enjoyed being outside on the back of the pier admiring the sailboats passing by. There were great big boats supposedly racing today for the Louis Vuitton Race. They picked a perfect day to be on the water!

I loved just being back in San Francisco again. We picked a perfect day to be there as the sun was shining and it was actually a warm August day.

I hope we get back up there again very soon to explore another part of the beautiful city!