Day 18: Summer

Believe it or not, I am learning to relax in my old age!! 

This is the first summer where we haven’t made “real” plans ahead of time that I can remember. I am practicing going with the flow on a daily basis without a definite plan, which is quite uncomfortable for me, and I’m actually starting to enjoy it.  I feel liberated, unrushed and content just being (home).

I’m getting the hang of working from home and my flexible schedule and its actually manageable and doable! Today I worked for two hours before heading out to yoga with my BFF.  I then did kid logistics and enjoyed a relaxing lunch with my girl before working for two more hours before running out with my daughter to get our eyebrows waxed together!  Bonding at it’s finest!! When we came home, I finished up the last part of my work shift before dinner. I flowed through today and it actually felt good. 

How do you balance work and life like kids and chores and exercise? It’s all doable, just sometimes a little challenging! I’m liking the practice, though!

Hope you’re having a good week!

Pray for Istanbul and our global community that is under attack. We are Istanbul. One Love, you and me.


Day 229: Istanbul, Day 3 – And Home Again

We like to travel and we like to go for a few days and then come home again. We pack as much as we can into 3 days and then we’re exhausted and ready to come home again. I wonder if this is a good travel strategy.

Today was our last day in Istanbul. We visited two fascinating landmarks,the Blue Mosque and the Basilica Cistern, and walked through the gardens of Topkapi Palace. We visited and shopped at a unique pottery shop and brought home a couple colorful, handmade Turkish pieces. We got such a laugh out of the Turkish ice cream vendor who entertained us for several minutes on the street. Again, it’s the little things that bring such joy .

Prayer beads on the floor in the women’s only section of the Blue Mosque.

Part of the ceiling in the Blue Mosque.

The Underground Cisterns. It was dark and eerie, and really cool, especially with the fish swimming in the water. If you go, look for the Medusa heads.

The upside down Medusa head in the Cistern.

Colorful Turkish pottery.

Ice cream time.

Saying goodbye to our friends always makes me sad. Topkapi Palace Gardens.

But seeing this guy made me laugh! What the heck??

Back on the Amsterdam train to bring us home again.

We had a great trip with our worldly little travelers, and spending time together with our friends. I am thankful that we were able to see another part of our big, wonderful, diverse world.

Life is good.

Day 228: Istanbul – Day 2


Everyone said that we would love Istanbul and everyone was right.

We wandered all over the city today, along with our friends, and the sun was shining!

Life is good!
Stone remains of the basilica near the entrance to the Hagia Sophia.
Church + Mosque + Museum = One Love20130310-230502.jpg
Blue skies from the Blue mosque courtyard
A wild turkey in Turkey, outside the Blue Mosque
Arasta Bazaar spices20130310-231005.jpg
Galata Tower at sunset
Vitamin Shop!20130310-231305.jpg
Flaming dinner on the rooftop overlooking the Blue Mosque.

Day 227: Istanbul

If you don’t have a dream or two or three, please hurry up and get one, have one, and/or make one up. I dreamed of doing something fun and different with my husband, and it changed my life dramatically. I was dreaming that we could do something together, and shazam! Welcome to Istanbul! How did I get here?

I didn’t exactly dream of going to Istanbul one day, but I was seeking excitement and something new to learn and experience together besides housework, homework, and take-home-work. And now all these great things are happening. I also have a very, very, good friend that I love to see as often as possible and wherever possible, and she was planning a trip to Istanbul. I like to invite myself to go wherever she is going, if its possible for me to join her, since I can’t live right next door to her anymore.

So Here I Am…on a new adventure In Istanbul with my family and waiting for her to arrive!

Istanbul is a magical city with so much to see and smell and take in. I’ll share some pictures from our first day here. I especially loved all the colors, walking through the Grand Bazaar and Spice Markets, and being on and near the water. What a cool experience! I was only afraid of losing each other and getting pick-pocketed because it was so crowded, but all was well! The worst part was all the vendors trying to talk to us and lure us into their shops. That part was quite repetitive and annoying.



20130309-230057.jpg Spice Market where we got some Turkish Delight

20130309-225924.jpg Jellyfish in the dark blue water of the Bosporus.

20130309-230717.jpg Walking across the Galata Bridge with all the fisherman.

20130309-231720.jpg in Asia, looking across the Bosporus with the Kiz Kulesi Tower.

20130309-231903.jpg Hagia Sophia at night, in the rain. So spectacular looking and we haven’t even been in yet!

Sweet dreams!