Day 2: Figuring Out the Details

Our second day in Holland was spent showing the kids the tram system and taking a ride up to their school. They got to walk in the main area but they are remodeling and everything is under construction. I think they are going to like it there though.

After the school visit, we took the train back up to the center of Amstelveen where they have a large shopping center. We learned on Friday’s they have vendors that fill the market center selling fresh fish, cheese, stroopwaffels, nuts, and various other items. We found the ABN-AMRO bank and I was able to get a bank card application filled out, as you have to be present to get one and cannot do this remotely. Next, Jeff bought a SIM card for his iPad so we could have Internet access from our house until the cable company arrives next week. We found a place for lunch and shopped at Blokker for a coffee pot, coffee cups, a hot water pot and other miscellaneous items we could carry back with us. By this time the jet lag started to hit the kids again, so we headed back home. Home? Yep, time to start calling this place home which makes me a bit home-sick. We are away from all our comforts and friends and familiar voices and sounds. We will adjust of course, but this takes time and we don’t expect it to be easy and comfortable right away.

Luckily, as we walked to our house, our new neighbor saw us and had more details to share. We showed her around our place and took a tour of hers to get ideas how to set up the kids small rooms. It’s nice to have someone looking out for us.

I’ll send pictures just as soon as I get my iPhone working again, but for now words will have to do. Tot siens. xoxo