Happy International Women’s Day

One Love.

I still dream of that every day.

I am still practicing, seeing everyone’s humanity and the gifts of our shared sisterhood and discovering ways to connect, through our confidence, vulnerabilities, bravery, abilities, gifts, grace, strength and perfectly imperfect ways of being human.

We all belong to each other.



Day 226: Celebrate Women

My husband brought me flowers today to celebrate women. I guess it’s International Women’s Day today.

What a great day to be a woman!

There are so many interesting and inspiring and loving and beautiful women in my life. I am so blessed and grateful for all those who share their light and struggles and grace and love and laughs and stories and life with me. I have so much to learn from you beautiful souls. We have so much to share. We are blessed.

I hope you take a minute to say a prayer and acknowledge one or two or three special women in your life.

I love you my mama!
I love you Jubees!
I love you Kimmy!
I love you Tricia!
I love you sister cousins!
I love you my nieces!
I love you girlfriends!
I love you aunties!
I love you little ones!