I Love Your Life

I do.

I love hearing your stories and about what you’re doing, what you’re learning and celebrating and how you’re traveling and exercising and working and volunteering and cooking and also about your passions. 

I like hearing about your kids and your family and your pets and I even like hearing about your struggles and concerns and heartache.  I love seeing you reach your goals. I love seeing you shine. I love seeing you rise up especially when you’ve been knocked down because I can see your strength and you inspire me.  

I do.

We are alive and celebrating life together and I love it, the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re human and we’re perfectly imperfect. We’re vulnerable and we are connected. One love.

I love when you comment on my blog or send me a private message, acknowledging and seeing me and sharing your feelings and experience and creating a connection. 

I love looking at the stats on my blog and seeing that friends from around the world are reading and maybe reflecting and thinking about living it up and laughing out loud and loving those around them.

Today someone I admire greeted me with a hug and said to me, “I love your life!” And she made me stop and smile and think how lucky we all are.  Thank you GR for that shared moment. 

I love your life and I love mine too

nAMaste BeLoveRs

This is homemade watermelon juice that I brought to Charlie’s game and reminded me of SQ and Cabo. Miss you friend.  xo

Gift of Words

I Love You.


How often do you hear those words?

I think those are the best words on the planet and I never tire of hearing them or saying them. I love you.

Some cultures don’t use those words. They are never spoken. I have a hard time imagining that. I have a friend whose family never says these words and I like saying them to her just to see her reaction and to see if I can get her to say them back. This makes us both laugh. Ha! Laughing over love. I love it. And I do accept her culture and don’t really expect her to say I love you, even though I know she does love me.

Do you know there is a woman in Oregon who just opened up a Cuddle Shop where you can go to be platonically touched and hugged and have your hand held and your hair rubbed? Samantha Hess offers 15 minute sessions at a $1 per minute or $60 per hour. She had 10,000 requests within the first week of business and if you try to access her website right now, it just keeps spinning because of the overuse. She has also written a book called “Touch. The Power of Human Connection.” I think she’s onto something. Her website says,”Touch has the power to comfort us when we are sad, heal us when we are sick, encourage us when we feel lost, and above all else allow us to accept that we are not alone. When we experience touch it gives us physical, mental, and emotional well being. It lets us know that everything is alright. For one reason or another many of us do not get the level of human contact that we want or need in order to be our optimal selves. I would like to help bring this into your life. When you have what you need life is amazing!”

I know that touch is different than words, but both are gifts of human connection and I think both have serious power.

We can use our words to connect with others and be loving and accepting and we can use our words to create space and separation. I like to think about and practice using my words to make connections and to be aware of how my words affect others, not that I’m always good at it, but I am practicing daily. 🙂  Just keeping things real. Perfectly imperfect, right?

I just listened to and watched this youtube video of Us the Duo singing Shake it Off. In the video, they have kids holding up signs with the mean words they hear from their peers with their sad faces showing and then they “shake it off” and hold up new signs with empowering words and smiles on their faces.

We can create our realities by thinking and choosing what we believe to be true. We can shake off the ugliness and embrace what we believe to be true about ourselves and not let in the ugly words projected at us. We can choose to use kind words in response to hate and change the conversation. And we can choose to say “I forgive you.” or “Bless your heart. You don’t know any better.” That last one is one of my favorites.

We have power. We get to choose which gifts we give and I choose to give love and positivity through my words and conversation as often as possible and as often as I remember to choose the high road. This feels right to me.  We can choose to reject words too by ignoring them, letting them bounce off us, saying no, and changing the conversation by walking away, asking a question, or just ignoring the negativity. We do not have to engage because we have a choice.  Isn’t that powerful?


I Love You?

I recently made a connection between several friends that many don’t say I love you within their family.

It’s just not something that is said and this was so surprising to me.

I am obviously openly expressive and love that there are people that love and express themselves differently than I do.

This absolutely fascinates me. I’ve always appreciated diversity in it’s many forms – race, sex, social status, religion, politics, interests, culture, love, etc.

I strongly feel and believe and say I love you all the time and really mean it. When a few of my friends expressed that their families don’t say that to each other, my jaw dropped. I just never thought of not expressing my emotions. This made me curious and of course I asked questions.

It’s not that those who don’t say I love you don’t love their friends or family, they just don’t use the words.

I learned that to some, saying those words is uncomfortable. Others never heard the words in their family, so it felt strange for them to use them with their family. Some just don’t say it just because they don’t feel like there is a need. And others think that only husbands and wives should say those words to each other.

This love thing is just so symbolic of our differences and ways of communicating, experiencing, believing and expressing ourselves. One is not better than the other. It’s just that we’re different and I really love that!!



My Valentine

Love yourself.

What does that mean?

What does that look like?

What does loving yourself feel like?

Why is it important?

It took me several years to really learn this lesson. To know it. To feel it. To really do it. And to realize that this process changes and is never done. And it’s ok, more than ok, and we should be celebrating our happiness and creating more happiness. It’s contagious and I want to share it.

If I were to share my valentine gift with you, it would be this:

Figure out what makes you happy and make time to do that. TODAY.

If you don’t know what makes you happy, then sit for 15 minutes and try to make a list. If nothing is coming to you, then focus on just breathing and relaxing and freeing your mind for 15 minutes. Create some space and time so that your creativity can flow. And then tomorrow, pick something from your list and spend 15 minutes doing what makes you smile. Everyone has 15 minutes to squeeze in joy and it’s a huge investment in your daily well being and productivity and the happiness you can give out to the world.

This Valentine’s Day – instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers or chocolate or to be romantic, make time for yourself and do something that you love. Give yourself the freedom from responsibility and duty to live it up and love it out and create joy – even if it’s only 15 minutes.  Loving ourselves needs to become a habit, something we practice and become good at. Because the more we love ourselves and see the good that we are, the more love and more goodness we have to share with others. This is the endless circle we want to create.  The happiness circle that keeps on growing and growing and fills our earth, filled with love and happiness. Oh, I like that visual… don’t you?

Love me. Love you.

So simple.

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU! Wonderful YOU!