Home. Sick.

 My baby girl is home and is so sick. She fell asleep in the arm chair today and is hardly eating  or drinking a thing.  All that she wants to do is lay down and rest and have me close by.  I wish I could take away her pain.

I took her to the doctor and he said a virus is going around and she has the same symptoms. He advised that she just rest and drink water and to eat small bites if she could, until she begins to feel better. I wish I could make her feel better.

We changed all our plans for the weekend and are staying still until she feels better.  Be well, baby girl.


Home Sick

Charlie was “bored” all day. I took away his screens and told him to find something to do.  He said he didn’t know what to do and that he was home sick.  I told him that being sick of  being at home was not the same as being home sick but I did appreciate his description. 

I also told him it’s perfectly fine to be “home sick” and that he had to learn how to entertain himself without an electronic device.

I sat with him and we read together for about thirty minutes with about twenty interruptions.  One day he’ll be able to sit still and concentrate. Right now we are still “patiently” practicing.
He discovered his Kapla blocks and this made me happy to see him playing on the floor.
Finally he decided to go outside and play and took the bakfiets for a ride through the neighborhood.

I loved watching him from the kitchen window and seeing him happy and outside. Of course, I went outside to capture the moment and he invited me in for a ride. I declined and he offered again. I changed my mind and climbed in with my dress on and faced my fears to share the experience with him.  He liked driving me around and scaring me by going over the bumps.    

I loved that he still wanted to play.

Life is good, even when you’re home sick.