This was the highlight of my day. My kids came out for a hike with me, even though some thought this was a horrible idea.  I wanted us to get out for some fresh air, to move our bodies and to share conversation along the way, away from other distractions. There was some complaining and whining at the beginning and I kept focused on being grateful and patient, thankful that we were all together enjoying the crisp, fresh air and muddy puddles.  I loved watching them taking pictures, bird watching and deer and squirrel watching too. They laughed and danced and ran up and down the hills, teasing each other too.

This was a great way to end our Thanksgiving holiday break. I am thankful for my family, near and far, for traveling and being together sharing meals and conversation and chaos, and for being back home again.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday, making memories and celebrating with those you love and like!


Stanford Dish 

My BFF came to town today to spend the day with me. We decided to go back to our old stomping grounds to hike the Stanford Dish.

It was a gorgeous day and so great to be outside walking and talking and catching up.

I am thankful that I have a flexible work schedule and that my kids are now capable to get home from school by themselves.  This is a perk of having big kids, that I never dreamed of.

I am thankful that my friend took the time out of her busy life to come and see me. I’ve missed her and love how we just flow together like we’ve never been apart. Come back soon! Miss you already.
Life is good.

Being Alone

I almost didn’t go hiking today because my friends weren’t available and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go by myself. I started talking myself out of hiking as soon as I learned they were unavailable.  I told myself stories like it would be better if I got more work done instead and that I could catch up. I could just exercise in the garage. I could skip exercising all together.  I could make other plans. I could yada yada yada.  I was just looking for a way out, an excuse, to not go alone and time was wasting away.  What should I do?

I decided to go, while I was talking on the phone with my sister and told her about my predicament. She was my little cheerleader, who got me over my irrational fear that I couldn’t/shouldn’t go alone.  She gave me that little kick I needed and I got myself in the car while she was still on the phone with me.  I was so happy that I did.

 I enjoyed the cool breeze flowing through the shady areas and the moments in the hot sun. I loved the beautiful light shining through the gaps, hearing the sound of the water, and seeing all the little animals and kids out exploring nature too.
 I actually loved the experience of being alone and seeing and hearing things from a different perspective. I was aware of all the people on the trail who were together. I was aware of all the sounds the animals make. I was aware of how fast I was moving and loved it. After I got to the top, I decided to run down the hill,  which is something I never do. It made an old experience new again and it felt invigorating.

 I love this tree and I know I’ve shared it before, but seeing this tree reminds me of my sister and the time we took pictures in front of it in tree pose together.  This tree makes me smile and think of her and today I was thankful that she pushed me out the door, by myself to enjoy nature, alone.

What do you enjoy doing alone? What are you afraid of doing alone? Hmm…I’m curious.

nAMaste and sending healing vibes to my friends who couldn’t be with me today.


Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Day! 

I am thankful for the hike my family went on together this morning with family and friends.

I am thankful for my parents being such gracious and giving hosts and opening up their home to loved ones, bringing us all together for a shared meal.

I am thankful for the gathering and the solitude now at the end of the day. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May you be blessed with love, food and friendship.


Exploring Open Space

Being outdoors and exploring new places makes me happy.     

Love this land


It was a hot and gorgeous Sunday and I’m so glad we got out to enjoy the views, a chat and 6.6 miles of exercise.  We loved exploring the trails at Fremont Older and finding our way to the horse stables at Garrod Farm.


Silicon Valley Cowboy


Garrod Winery

Life is good.  Hope you enjoyed your week-end.

Glamping in California

I grew up camping and I am so thankful my parents decided to come up to visit us again as they begin their summer vacation.

I was able to find a last-minute glamping spot with all the perks, close to the coast and we quickly packed up and got on the road. Charlie is so in love with his grandpa, whom we call, Opa. He decided he would drive with Opa and I drove with Oma in my car and with the other two kids. 

We have a beautiful, relaxing spot to do nothing and anything for the next two days. I am beyond content.

I love seeing the kids play and ride bikes and do puzzles and hang out together with my parents with no agenda. I am loving on my parents too and enjoying their company.

Life is so good. Live it up, friends. Now is the time to BE. Here I am.


lichen on the bridge


Happy Mama 2015

 How was your Mother’s Day? 
Juliana decorated the kitchen for me when I got up and there were flowers and cards and gifts on the table to enjoy.  Jeff brought me coffee in bed and Charie came in to snuggle.

I was happy and frustrated and sad today but mostly happy. I say that to keep things real because I share mostly the happy parts of my life but want to be clear that there is work and struggle behind the happiness. 

I have a lot of expectations and hopes and dreams and sometimes those are hard to manage and live by.   And I wouldn’t change a thing!

I was really sad that I wasn’t in Southern California with my family and my mama who were all gathering for a family early dinner. 

I was sad for Laurie who’s celebrating her first Mother’s Day without Chase.  This day has got to suck for her.

I was sad and frustrated that my kids didn’t really want to go for a hike with me, and that we had to make them go anyway. In my imagination, we all want to do the same thing and live happily after. I have raised independent and confident teens who have other ideas than mine and sometimes this creates conflict. It’s healthy and normal and presents a struggle that I’m not quite good with just yet. I’m still learning. 

Luckily Jeff is good at negotiating or maybe cracking the whip. Thank goodness for him and getting everyone on board because once we all got out and to the hills, we were smiling again.

I loved walking with everyone and enjoying the views and sharing stories. It reminded me of our time exploring in Europe together and us walking everywhere.  This made me happy and we got almost 10,000 steps in.  

I was happy that we all had breakfast together and sat on the couch to watch a family movie together with popcorn.

I love that we all love Japanese food and that they made a reservation for dinner out tonight.

I loved that we stopped at Philz for a coffee and mochas before heading home and relaxed on the couch together. Christian took a selfie of us, that he never does and shared it on FB.  This made me smile because even though we get frustrated with each other, we still love each other and are best friends. We say we are sorry and quickly forgive and forget which is awesome. I love this kid.

Charlie wanted to play cards before bed and beat me almost every hand. I love playing games and loved that he wanted to play with me.  It was on my wish list today and he listened. 

It was a full day of togetherness and I am content and grateful. I got to text and talk with friends and family and enjoy everyone’s FB Mother’s Day love stories. I hope your day was good and that you felt loved.

Life is good. 


Beauty Surrounds Us

I lived it up today and am happily tired.

I saw beauty everywhere today.


I saw raw, vulnerable beauty in the pain and struggles of life through the stories shared over brunch this morning.

IMG_6808There are amazingly strong families walking among us.

I learned that the time for happiness is now. The place to find happiness is right here. And the way to create happiness is to make someone else happy. Brilliant life motto, wouldn’t you say? Thanks Donna for sharing it.

I found beauty in nature and in abandoned buildings.



I enjoyed the beauty of friendship, sharing time with special girlfriends despite our busy lives. We slowed down for each other and this was a beautiful thing. I am thankful!

Life is good.

Hope you enjoyed a day of rest and feel refreshed and ready to flow into the week ahead. Namaste.

Spring is Here!


Wednesday’s are one of my favorite days of the week. It’s half way to the weekend and I have a standing date with my BFF, ML.

What is your favorite day of the week? I also like Friday’s because it’s the end of the work week and we are less scheduled and more relaxed. I love us all just being home and hanging on the couch.

Today we went for a hike and slowed to notice the farm animals. There were two sets of baby goats, happily staying close by their mamas. They are 4 days old and already were up on their feet and playing.  There was also a mama sheep with her new baby close by, but it was hard to capture a picture from behind the fence.

Seeing the babies made me think of all that spring represents, especially new life, new beginnings and sunshine.   We hiked for over 5 miles and I enjoyed the scenery, the conversation, the exercise and the time with my friend.

It was a gorgeous day out today and I am thankful that I got to enjoy the great outdoors, once again. I am refreshed and happy.



Tree Pose

If you were a tree, which one would you be?



Alive and Thriving


Leaning to the Left


Hanging in There


I love trees and I love being outside. Thanks to my sister Tricia for suggesting my blog topic for tonight. Do you know how hard it is to think of a new idea to write about every night? Thank you sister!

Life is good and busy.

How was your day?