Redefining Yourself

How often do you think about transforming yourself? Kind of like a butterfly, transitioning from one stage unto the next and becoming something new?

Some people transition their bodies, others transition their spiritual selves, some their jobs, and others their hobbies or life style. Some transition with a significant event such as a birth, a death, marriage, divorce, college, kids leaving or returning, retirement or a new job. Some choose to make a change because they become uncomfortable in their current state and others just want something new. Some have no choice and some do.

There are so many ways to change and adapt and I love this process. I love recreating myself every few months. I almost seek out change and think about what I want to be when I grow up.

Sometimes change is scary and brings on anxiety. Some times it is spontaneous and desired and quick. Sometimes it takes forever. Sometimes change is welcome and sometimes it is not. But change is always constant. Isn’t that crazy?

We’re always constantly changing and we always have the opportunity to start again, to start something new. I do like this process of life’s journey and am thankful for the opportunities to begin again. If you’re not happy where you are, change it. Start over. Ask for a do over and begin again. Aren’t we lucky?

Right now I’m observing and wondering where I’ll go next. What do I want to do with my days once the kids go back to school? I have some ideas and I can’t wait to explore them and let them unfold. I just ordered my Fall Stella & Dot samples and can’t wait to start selling jewelry again. I played tennis today and can’t wait to have more time to be on the courts with friends and getting better, I hope! I can’t wait to explore the water ways on my paddle board with a friend. I am dreaming up a storm right now, while in this transitionary state. What are you dreaming of?

I used to like the quarter system at Cal Poly, because every short while we were starting over again. And if you didn’t like one class, you didn’t have to worry, because it would soon be over and the next one would be beginning.

One of my favorite mottos ( I have many) is this too shall pass. So if you’re stuck where you are, don’t worry. This too shall pass. And I hope the next phase will be more enjoyable for you. Just dream a little dream and enjoy the ride!