Puppy Love

I’ve saved this thought for awhile and today I thought I’d share a new word with you that represents a sort of puppy love.

It’s kind of embarrassing and I wasn’t sure I’d ever share it, but it makes me laugh every time I think of the term.

The word is Wuppy.

A wuppy is like a wife and puppy combined to make a wuppy.

I Am a wuppy. There. I said it. A wuppy. What a funny word.  

I Am a wife and kind of like a puppy combined.

I’ll explain. Think of a puppy. They’re so cute and loving and just so happy to see you and want to play and like to go for walks and need lots of attention. They want to kiss you and wrap their body around your legs and wag their tail to show you how happy they are. They look up to their owner like they are the best thing on the planet and are so loyal. And sometimes they bark and make mistakes and messes too. Let’s just keep it real.

This is what I feel like inside. I have all this energy and excitement and I wait for my husband to come home every day. Not exactly 100% like that, but you know what I mean. I am always busy, but I love to see his face and jump up and down and get excited like a puppy when he arrives back home again. Seriously. Not even kidding.

I probably drive him crazy. Well, I did for several years, until he realized that I just love him unconditionally and am so happy to see him every time, like it’s the first time we ever met and this is my normal. This is weird. I know. But I do. I am a lucky dog!

I am so thankful that he goes to work every day and provides for our family and allows me to live out my dream, that I just feel utterly happy, grateful and thankful. Without him, I couldn’t be who I am. He commutes in Silicon Valley traffic and works long hours every day. I don’t.

I get to be home with our kids. I get to make dinners and coach the kids and get them where they need to go, in sickness and in health. He enables me to be the best I can be and for that I am ever so thankful, every day, although I probably don’t tell him this enough. I get to build community and volunteer and exercise and keep our home running efficiently during the hours he’s gone at work, working for the good of our family. Just like him. For this, I am thankful and fulfilled. I am living my dream, thanks to my life partner.

And tonight I just want to acknowledge him as it’s his birthday. I am thankful that he was born and that he chose me to be his wife and to share kids and our life together, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad.

Every day.

I am thankful.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

I love you Jeff. Happy Birthday. And many, many more.



Happy Wife, Happy Life

Do you agree with this statement?

I definitely believe this to be true.

Tonight I sat down to fold the laundry during the evening news and caught the tale end, just in time for the special report sharing the scientific secret to a happy marriage.

Guess what the answer was?

Yep – scientific research proves that a happy wife, leads to a happy life.

Here’s the link to the research from Rutgers University in Michigan, so you can see it for yourself.  Happy Wife, Happy Life Research

I was so excited for my husband to come home to share with him the good news!  He laughed with me, and then asked what’s the secret to making a wife happy. He’s always full of good questions.

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Here are some of my ideas of what helps a woman to feel happy in her marriage:

1. A sense of self.

2. A partner who appreciates her role in the family and marriage and the tasks she does, whether she works in the home or outside the home.

3. Time spent doing what she loves, whatever that may be, without feeling guilty for choosing to take care of herself.

4. Exercise. Staying fit and healthy and having stress relief through fitness.

5. Quiet time. Time to read or meditate and focus.

6. Time to be just herself and not wife, or mother, but just herself.

7. Time with her partner, such as date night, or time to drink coffee together, walk together, or eat together.

8. Being loved and being touched, hugged, or kissed, without any expectations.

9. A sense of humor.

10. Understanding each other’s roles and appreciating each other’s contributions to the family.

11. A loving partner to her/their children.

12. A partner who cares about himself and takes care of himself too.

13. Immediate forgiveness and no holding grudges over grievances.  Let go as quickly as possible to preserve the love.

14. Reciprocity. Taking care of each other and both giving 100%.

I’m sure there are a gazillion other best practices, but these are a few of my favorites.  What are yours? What makes for a happy marriage or relationship? Whatever you think defines it, do the work!! It’s worth it.

I wish you a happy life!!

xo Adriana