My Happy Place


After spending several days with family, eating and drinking and just being together, we are spending our last day of vacation recharging at my other happiest place on earth, the beach. 

We got here in time to see the sun setting behind the clouds. Isn’t it just so peaceful to see?

After an early dinner and watching the first half of the Stanford / Notre Dame game, I took the kids swimming and sat by the fire for hours while Jeff and Christian enjoyed watching Stanford win in the final five seconds of the game. Our friends are also staying at the same hotel, which made our shared experience even better.   

They even had s’mores and hot chocolate for the kids and big kids alike. We are so lucky! 

This is what happiness feels like and looks like to me.
What does happiness feel like and look like to you?
I wish you well.


Day 5 – Santa Cruz

My happy place! I love the beach and just being there makes me happy.  


My favorite part today was people watching with my BFF and enjoying the kids just playing. It was sunny and windy so I was a bit cold and wore a sweatshirt the entire day.

Today I saw the beach as a place to build and create and connect. There are free, unlimited building materials everywhere and mixing sand and water is magical. I’ve never thought of it this before this way but today, watching the kids from 0-60 build and play and run and laugh made me smile. There was unlimited entertainment.

Our kids loved bringing big shovels and digging deep holes, making a man cave and a place to sit and hide. 


An older gentleman spent hours building a sand bridge. He was like the pied piper, with people coming around to see what he was doing.

Teens were jumping in the waves and then resting and digging for sand crabs, all together in a row. 

Our kids were making soccer fields and soccer hole goals and boundary lines and then playing a game together. They used their boogie boards for the back of the soccer goals and played and ran and shot and laughed and then went in the water to cool off.

They boogie boarded and enjoyed the cold water. They were brave and stayed together, laughing and jumping and riding the waves over and over again.


There were women flying kites and naked babies and little toddlers coming over to see what our kids were doing. There was kindness and teamwork and big boys sharing with little boys. There were little ones rolling over and over in the sand because they could.

There were seagulls stealing chip bags and protecting their territory, defending their loot from the other birds. This was so funny to watch.

We watched boats come in and out of the harbor and waves crashing on the rocks. We watched a police boat jet off and jet skiers following them as well and another boat that pulled a broken down boat back into the harbor.

There were volleyball players and football throwers and little ones running back and forth.

The beach is a beautiful place, filled with life and joy and movement.



This is my happy place!  Where is yours?

Tired Out!!


Happy Feet

I have wide, ugly feet, but I’m ok with them, especially after a pedicure or when they are partially buried in the sand and in the ocean.

These are my happy feet, not that feet should really be photographed, but maybe just notice the happy sand and bubbles and shells and visualize the cold water swirling around them.





We stopped at the beach on our way home from an event because I had a strong desire to look out over the ocean and to dip my toes in the water.

When I’m at the beach, I am content and my mind rests. I feel small in comparison to the big ocean and this is comforting to me.

I loved the sites and sounds and even the smells. I loved watching a paddle board surfer, a little boy learning to surf, as well as watching the bigger kids learning too.



Where is your happy place?

Life is good. I hope you have a great week! namaste

Pismo Beach

Where is your favorite place to be?

My favorite place is to be near the ocean. Any ocean. I love the sights, sounds, smell, feel, the lighting, and constant movement.

I got up early this morning and ran above the cliffs in Shell Beach through the fog, and then continued my run on the sand at Pismo Beach in the morning sunshine.

I saw surfers and dog walkers, runners and couples strolling.

There was even a man searching for lost treasures with his metal detector. I loved starting my day on the beach bright and early.


My sisters and nieces and my mama came up from Southern California today to spend the day all together.

We walked around San Luis Obispo and had lunch downtown before heading back to the beach. Everyone loves the beach once we get there. I think it’s because the beach is magical!

We checked out the butterflies again and then walked over the dunes to the beach, where we played volleyball, collected sand dollars and ran in the water. Watching the kids enjoy the beach made me incredibly happy. I am thankful that all the cousins and the Aunties and Oma and Jeff all got to play together on our day off.

Life is good.