Yoga Fun

I had the best weekend and was still on a high today thinking about all that was good.

On Thursday, I went to Rachel Brathen’s book signing and was filled with her joyful spirit and love.

I got to spend time with my BFFS in San Francisco and do yoga with them and Yoga Girl!

Can you find me in this group photo?

I was giddy with joy.

And then I was selected  to do yoga with my baby girl and Ringo the Gringo at a top secret location for 40 people that was beautiful!

This was a first for me and I loved every minute of it.

Now I’m energized and want to do yoga every damn day!

I love getting out of bed and doing a few stretches but I don’t do many sun salutations. I think I have a new goal for myself.

What do you absolutely love to do and are you making time to do it?  I hope so. Do what makes you happy!

nAMaste BeLoveRs.  Be sure you’re taking care of yourself and carving out time to do what you love. We only live once!!  xo

The Happiness Tour – Yoga Girl in SF

It was a beautiful day to celebrate a birthday and be with girlfriends this weekend.


I love San Francisco.

I love time away with my girlfriends and I love yoga.

We spent the morning enjoying a delightful breakfast and then walked to the ferry building, stopping along the way to shop with the street vendors on Market Street. We had a blast and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We were in the city to take a yoga class with Rachel Brathen at the Regency Ballroom on Van Ness.

Her class was amazing and full of love and light and good yoga!!

We were so happy to be there, celebrating S’s birthday, enjoying new poses and learning from Yoga Girl!

It was just one of those days where everything is right in the world at this moment.

It was the first stop on The Happiness Tour and we were giddy! I think she’s onto something big!!

I Am happy and tired, so goodnight BeLoveRs. Live your dream, one day at a time!!