Happy Halloween 2015

We enjoyed another holiday shared with good friends, great food and lots of fun decorations and costumes.

I loved seeing the kids come to the door dressed up and excited, anticipating what kind of candy they would get.  I showed some kids  a bowl with broccoli and carrots and asked them if they wanted that or  some candy. They picked the right choice and their parents giggled along with me.

The kids are big now and invited their friends over for a dinner party before they all went off on their own.  I enjoyed the transition this year. I also loved my friends being here and helping me cook and set up and serve everyone! It was a great night.

Hope you had fun with your family and friends and trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.

Happy Halloween 2015.

Happy Hollandween!!


I love Halloween and it’s fun to be back in the States for this holiday this year.

The kids spent the afternoon making decorations to display in our front yard that involved spray paint, cardboard, cheesecloth, and creativity.

Charlie went with a friend to go trunk or treating at the Presbyterian church. Trunk or treating is where families bring their cars to the parking lot for an hour with their trunks decorated and they hand out candy to the kids when they come by. I’m sure he had a great time.

And Jeff and I went to a Halloween party dressed as Dutchies – I went as a milk meisje including the wooden shoes and Jeff dressed as a Queen’s day fan!

Can you tell we miss Holland? Barbara, I was thinking of you when I got dressed as you wore a similar hat on International Day at school that I loved.

Happy week of Halloween! What will you be for Halloween?