Ice cream

Special guest writer! Charlie


Today my mom had to take my sister to the Orthodontist. When we got there, Nemo was playing in the waiting room. I don’t really like that movie, but today I did. I was talking to my mom when Nemo’s dad asked the other fish where the boat went.

I said, “Fish only have a memory span of 5 seconds,” so those fish won’t even remember that boats exist. Later I said, “Gosh fish sleep with there eyes open,” but in the movie the fish had their eyes closed. Those movie makers need to study ! I know more about fish than them!

Then we went to Safeway and went shopping for ice cream. Right now I’m thinking like my mom:  ice cream reminds me of happiness. I chose birthday cake! Yuuuuuuuuummmmmmm! I also picked Magic Shell and sugar cones because those are fun and my mom was fun today too. I was so Happy! Right when I went home, I had my ice cream and sugar cone! It was so creamy and cold and it was so yummy!

Then my sister did the ice bucket challenge for ALS! She got covered in cold water and I surprised her because I hid with another bucket of water and threw it on her from behind.

I laughed. P.S. I already did the ice bucket challenge and it wasn’t that cold.

Today was fun because my mom spoiled me and I got to tease my sister and even have ice cream.

Ice cream to all!!  And a very good birthday to my Opa today!!

from Charlie