Promotion Celebrations

Congratulations to all the students and families who are being promoted this year.

I wish you well through the transitions and hope you are celebrating joy.

Tonight I chaperoned an 8th grade promotion dance and loved watching our youth. They lived it up and danced the night away. Congratulations, graduates of every stage of life. 


Promotion Day


Today was another day full of celebration.

Jeff and I both walked Charlie to school for the last time and enjoyed visiting with friends in front of the flag pole, before saying goodbye.

Juliana had a late start and practiced her promotion speech all morning. She was chosen to share her story at the graduation ceremony and we were so proud!  She did an amazing job.

The promotion ceremony was well done and moved quickly. I especially loved the new glee club singing performance, and of course, seeing Juliana speak in front of her peers.

Christian finished his year and was thrilled to have received a B on his Honors chemistry final!!

We enjoyed time with family and friends the rest of the day and night and I am exhausted and content.

Life is good and I am so proud!

Congratulations to all the graduates and their families and to everyone for making the day a joy!  xo

Celebrate Good Times

I love June. It’s my favorite month of the year. 

Today my heart was full. 

Charlie had his promotion ceremony, ending an era at our elementary school. We were quite proud of him and all of his accomplishments and involvement in our school community.

My parents were here to share the celebration and I am so thankful they took the time to come and be with us. Charlie was thrilled too!

ML and I have been working for months on the promotion dance for our middle schoolers.  Tonight was the event and we spent all day and night preparing and setting up and cleaning up with an awesome team of volunteers, including my mama. We were pleased with the results and were happy to see our kids so happy! I loved working side by side with my BFF, my mama, and friends.

 Congratulations graduates from preschool through college! xo
Life is good and I am excited for summer vacation to begin this weekend! Be well. xo