Changing Times

20140706-213155.jpgThis is the play set in our backyard. We’re getting ready to retire it and share it with a new family.

Jeff and Steve built it several years ago and it has provided much entertainment for our kids and for friends and family who visit.  Our kids are growing up and don’t really play on it anymore, so it’s time to say goodbye even though I feel attached to the memories. Once in awhile they will sit on the swings or sway across the monkey bars. We’re ready to let it go and to make space for something new.

Making space. That seems to be another theme of mine this year, along with letting go. How can we let go of the past to create space for the new?  Letting go is sometimes challenging because of all the memories encapsulated in the stuff. But letting go allows us to experience something new and I’m all for that. Even though I feel a bit sad as we get ready to let go.

I’m excited to be giving the play set to one of my PEO Sisters who has two young daughters under the age of three. I love giving things away, knowing they are going to good homes and knowing that another family might be able to enjoy what was once ours. It is silly to feel a connection to stuff, but I am connected to the memories of youth and little kids and the am proud that Jeff and Steve built this for our kids. Gving it away makes me fully aware that my kids aren’t little anymore.  *big sigh*  I am happy that other little ones will get to enjoy it though and create their own fun memories.

Life is good. Namaste.

Times are changing… here we go!  I wonder how we’ll fill the space. Got any ideas?




Traditions of Goodbye

My parents left today. We have a tradition of running down the street and following the car, as they drive away. We stop at the corner and yell, “Thank God!!” It’s an expression of relief, like they’re finally leaving, as well as a thanks for the visit and have a safe journey until we meet again. It’s also a way to not cry as we say goodbye, by making a joke of it. It’s kinda silly, but we all love it and do it every time.

Goodbye, Mama and Pops!

Running with the bulls

Thank God!!!

Thank you for being here to welcome us home Mama and Pops and for spoiling us. I’m so glad you were here and we’ll miss you!! Safe travels. xo

Day 9: Tears Sprung Today


What a day… the chaos of the handyman putting in the new key pad lock and fixing the fence and vents, while Stacey came by to pick up her volleyball net, and Kelly came to pick up C to take him for a day out for a great day at Great America, and Julie came by for a cup of coffee and a singing re-do jam session to Adele, and the kids danced and sang and we cleaned up the house before the cleaning team arrived and I sliced by finger open while cleaning out a camping suitcase that had an unprotected razor and bled for 45 minutes, and the crying session – all of this before 11:30 am.  How was your morning?


And I wasn’t ready to be sad just quite yet, but when I held K who is only 2 and I thought about not seeing her for a year and how much babies change in a year, the tears came as she kissed my face and then threw her head back and came up again to smother me with little kisses. And the tears kept coming… sad to miss out on seeing her every couple of months and wondering how her voice and hair and body and personality will change in such a short bit.  I was only joking when I said I’ll see you again when you’re 13!! We’ll be back WAY before then!!

And then it was time to laugh and hug my sisters and dog pile on the bed for a group hug with my nieces and kids. And we didn’t want to say goodbye, and we just hung out in the boys room for like forever just sitting and looking at each other and laughing and wiping tears while C asked us why we had to move? Trying to comfort the little ones and knowing it’s ok to move but still feeling it was a bit challenging.  We finally moved to the front yard and said our goodbyes and took pictures and hugged and kissed and cried. I’m going to miss them so much – we’re so used to seeing each other every other month or two — a year is a pretty long time to be away in family terms… I hope they come visit us in Amstelveen.


After they left, I didn’t have much time to be sad, because Julie was still here and I sliced my finger open while trying to get one more chore done!! I thought I was going to have to go to the ER, but I don’t have time for that. Luckily, the stupid finger stopped bleeding and I just had to give up a shower and going out to the Habit for lunch with Julie and our kids. She ended up going to pick up food for us and brought it back here and we sat out back to eat, while we waited for the housecleaners to show up. Their car broke down earlier and they wanted to reschedule… but after decluttering and cleaning for the cleaning people, I didn’t want to redo all that work again another day. All worked out well and the clutter and chaos are gone.

The good thing that came from being patient, is that Julie ended up taking C with her boys to a fun drop in day camp and J and I were able to get in some girl time shopping together – just the two of us, which I had promised to do this weekend. We had so much fun just being together and picking out some new clothes for her and a suitcase for me.

The day turned out well and I’m so emotionally tired and exhausted, that I’m writing my blog early tonight in hopes of getting to bed early before the news comes on!   Good night, friends.  I  miss you Kimmy and Trish and kiddos and hope you had a good drive home. xoxoxoxo

Day 10: Memories


Today was a day filled with community. My sisters and I and the kids went to church and connected with our friends. We enjoyed an hour of sitting together quietly.

After church, we worked together to feed the kids and prepare for our going away party at the park.

I loved being at the park today and spending time with so many friends and family. I realized how many connections we’ve made here over the past 11 years and I’m so thankful. I grew up in a town where everyone knew each other and I feel like we have that here now too. That’s a cool thing. I took pictures of everyone I could so that I can carry the memories with me.



Taco truck guys were a big hit!

Day 16: Happy


I had so much fun in Cabo with Stacey and friends, doing yoga and paddle boarding, eating sashimi and sushi, dancing at Cabo Wabo, and hanging by the pool and in the hot tub. It was very relaxing and I have a perm-a-grin on my face.

I am going to miss my friends when we move, even though I know we’ll still see each other and pick up where we leave off the next time we see each other! 20120709-221308.jpg


Me and Stacey, near and far…I miss you my friend!