Day 19: Summer

Flowing…going with the flow and being in the moment. That is what I’m doing this week and am loving having the time and space to flow, even though I find it challenging to let go of schedules, expectations and control.

Tonight we ate dinner at 9pm, after Christian prepared it for us. We never eat this late, but tonight this is what flow felt like and we flowed, eating on the couches in the family room sharing crazy, chaotic, interrupted conversations.

Tonight I caught up with an old friend in between drop off and pick up points, because I’ve missed her and was curious enough to text and attempt to connect at the last minute and she said, YES!  This is what flow felt like in the moment of not being too busy! It was great to give her and her girls hugs and to share a few moments together.

I could get used to this perfectly imperfectly unstructured summer and can’t believe we are almost 3 weeks in already. Where does the time go?

Life is good, especially when we flow.


Crazy Days and Going with the Flow

Today was crazy busy in a good kind of way and I am exhausted and thankful. 

Juliana had shared a BuzzFeed with me about clean eating recipes for two weeks. One recipe luckily caught my eye and was the idea that became dinner tonight.

I got to the gym and did a lot of shopping. In between shopping trips, I threw chicken breasts and salsa verde into the crockpot and showered before heading out again with my wet curly hair.

I zipped through the last store and dropped off the groceries before heading out again for a meeting. 

And the rest of the day took over from there. I forgot an appointment and had to rush around and try to still squeeze it in.  Christian decided when I picked him up that he needed to do some extra swimming and could I please bring him to the pool. It wasn’t on my plan either, but I went with it and squeezed the pool visit in too.  This was a highlight of my day. I loved just  watching him swim and sitting in the sunshine by myself. 


I told him we had to hurry though because I had to bring Charlie and his friend to their appointment.

We made it out of the pool and home on time to pick up the boys and get them to where they needed to be. Juliana decided she wanted to drive with me to drop them off. After we dropped the boys off, she didn’t want to go home just yet because she knew I would be distracted by all of the things still left on my to do list and she wanted time alone together.

Okay, when your teenage daughter decides she wants to spend time with you,  you don’t say no. Of course, I had a huge list of things I wanted to do in the next hour, like folding laundry and finishing dinner and tidying up a little bit and returning phone calls and emails. But I let it all go and enjoyed the moment with her. This was the best choice, even if I did have a quiet moment of anxiety before getting to yes. She makes me smile and I love being with her and am thankful she wanted to be together. 

So dinner was a little later tonight and the side dishes weren’t prepared, but we had plenty of leftovers to go with the yummy, light chicken that cooked itself in the crockpot. I love that magical pot.

The kitchen got cleaned and most of the clutter picked up, just a little later than usual. The laundry? It’s still sitting there and can wait until tomorrow. 

Happy kids, happy (tired) mom.  

Life is crazy and good! 

nAMaste and good night. xo

Small Infinities

It’s the little things in life that bring me joy, yet sometimes I get stuck thinking we need to be doing bigger things, having shared experiences and seeing the world while we can.  I want to do it all.

I want to flow and I want to create opportunities and sometimes the yin and yang of this is confusing. 

I’m talking about spring break.  I wanted to plan a family trip together but my family had other plans.  They wanted to stay close to home for various reasons. I always want to go places, but I’m the one who is home the most so this makes sense. I want to go and they want to stay.

We were generously offered a week in Tahoe and we regretfully decided to decline. This was a hard decision for me, yet it was best for my family, and so it was. 

I love spending time with my favorite people, yet sometimes what they want to do is just to do nothing. They are happy to be home and relaxing doing what they do.  This is okay with me for a little while and then it drives me crazy. Except for today. 

Today I was thankful that they just wanted to chill. I decided to chill along with them, which means I did the dishes, and cleaned up the clutter again. I went through the stack of papers on my desk and made an updated to do list, and filed and shredded papers. While we were sitting together, Juliana FaceTimed from Japan and we all sat on the couch and shared stories. 


This made me incredibly happy and finally I could appreciate what Jeff likes to call the small infinities, those little things that mean everything. If we were busy running around, we may have missed the opportunity to all be together.

I was finally content to be at home and was happy that my paper stack dwindled.

I then began working on my photo backlog and Jeff helped me solve a problem, while we sat on the couch and watched Charlie play outside. This made me very happy!  This was another small infinity, that I would not have experienced if we were driving in a car some place or on vacation some where. 

The last little thing that made me happy just going with the flow, was when we decided to walk over to April’s house to pickup Charlie. It felt good to feel the sunshine on my face and the cool afternoon air, walking hand in hand. 

Love wins. Small infinities are sometimes just as good as big infinities. 

nAMaste – live it up – big or small and enjoy what is.

With love,


Being in the Moment

I didn’t take any pictures today and instead just enjoyed the moments without feeling like I had to capture what was.

Instead, I just enjoyed the conversation, the scenery and just being.

I went for a hike with my BFF and although it was only 6+ miles, we probably could have gone 50 miles and not even noticed or felt tired. We were so happy to just be together out doing what we love and chatting and sharing and catching up that we hardly even noticed where we were.

I love these moments when time just passes by and you don’t even realize it because you are so content doing what you’re doing.

I was going to cook dinner tonight and then another friend dropped by, took off her shoes and decided to stay for awhile. I love when friends do this. I broke out the goat cheese from Harley Farms, some fresh red grapes and sliced the bread i picked up at the produce market today, and opened a bottle of my favorite Hess chardonnay to share with her. We sat together for over an hour and just caught up and enjoyed each other’s company, while our kids played outside.

I love this life. I love the simplicity of it all and just flowing with whatever comes my way.

Life is a miracle and I am loving it.

How was your Saturday?

Changing Expectations

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”― Allen Saunders

Isn’t it crazy and sometimes heartbreaking how life doesn’t go as we plan?

Why is it we expect it to be the way we want it to be and then it’s not?

One of the things I’m practicing is learning to adapt in the moment that life throws a curve ball. I’m not saying I like it or that it’s easy, it just is. Life Is.  And I’m practicing and failing and practicing. Ugh.

Sometimes it’s a small change we hardly pay attention to, and sometimes it’s big. Really big.

Regardless of the change, once life happens we have to choose how to react to the given moment and hopefully we can do it with grace. And hopefully we can adapt gracefully, quickly, and without lingering negativity.

For example, today I was scheduled to play a USTA tennis match. I had mixed feelings about playing, but knew that I had this commitment and wanted to do my best despite my anxiety and conflicts about playing just today.

I got to the courts early for practice with my partner and finally warmed up to they idea of playing and enjoying the sunshine and slight breeze. I had sunscreen on. I had brought a bottle of Gatorade and had refilled my water bottle. I ate a power bar for energy and I was prepared and ready to win. However, right as we were getting on our assigned courts, the captain called my name and told me that one of the other team members got the time wrong and they defaulted on our court, meaning we no longer had to play and won the match by default.

This was not what I had expected. This is not the way I wanted to win. I reluctantly came, prepared to play and wanted to earn my win. I didn’t like being denied the opportunity to play, after I was ready and mentally prepared.  I was mad for a split second or two. And then I recovered and thought of Plan B. We should always be thinking of our Plan B and maybe even C and D.  My Plan B was to go home (while I was mad), but that would have meant chores and no exercise.  So I chose Plan C – and stayed and played singles with my partner and worked on a few new things. I was happy to have played and enjoyed the afternoon after all, with my friends, playing a little tennis, watching a little tennis in the shade and enjoying a lunch together afterwards.

I think the lesson is that life really doesn’t go as planned and that we should plan anyway, hope for the best, and then come up with a plan B or C or D, so that we can continue living in the moment, even if it’s not the moment we had envisioned.

Life IS good, despite the continuous curve balls.

keep calm and carry on

Namaste BeLoveRs.