Mindful and Intentional

What if you are intentional and mindful through out your day?  I think you then have SuPeR pOwErS!!

ML reminded me to stay intentional today and to make my list for the day after we got back from our walk.  She said that she liked my blog the other day and was practicing being intentional too and felt so good getting so many things done.  I took her advice and made a list as soon as I walked in the door.  THIS little practice is AMAZING!!

By being intentional with my 2 extra bonus hours, I got so much done and was really efficient, which made me very happy.  I didn’t waste any time and my house was clean, errands were run and dinner was in the crockpot, all before work.

I’ve taught my kids to live in the moment and to enjoy what life brings and to not be too busy to play, despite our workloads. So when I found our missing Spikeball game and had it displayed in our living room when they came home, they decided it was time to go outside and play. I was instructed to log off my computer and to take a break. They’re teaching me what I’ve taught them, which means I think they’re learning. 😉 Of course, I went outside and enjoyed my big kids, thankful that they still want to go outside and play and with me!  After we were done playing, I  went back inside to finish up work for the day. Luckily dinner was ready for them in the crockpot and they’re becoming more and more independent.  I’m liking this new stage of life.

I’ll share one more mindful moment that made my day wonderful. I took a shower later this evening before dinner. The sun was shining perfectly through the window and lit up the bathroom. The lighting was glorious and I remembered my college psychology teacher, telling us to try to be present in the moment and the example of when you’re showering, to be fully present in the shower. She said to feel the water hitting your body. Listen to the water sounds. Feel the warmth and enjoy the entire experience of showering without thinking of anything else. I practiced this and loved it, closing my eyes and seeing the brightness through my closed eyes and feeling grateful. Being mindful and enjoying the present moment in the shower set the tone for the rest of my evening. The stress washed away and made for a great night.

How are you practicing setting intentions and being mindful? You have Super Powers! Are you using them too?

nAMaste and wishing you peace.






The Daily Five

So yesterday I mentioned goals and intentions. I want to follow up with that one because in addition to setting our big goals and intentions, having focus on our actions will help us to attain our goals.

Robin Sharma is an author who writes and shares his ideas on leadership.  You can check him out here:  Robin Sharma.  One of his old tidbits is to focus on the Daily 5.  What 5 things do you want to see happen that link to your personal goals?  Think about:  “What 5 things need to happen between now and the end of the last hour of the day today for this to have been an exceptionally productive day.”

I decided to try this today and actually wrote down my list first thing this morning.  These were the things I wanted to get done today that were high priority to me.


Guess what? I was able to check everything off my list because they were a priority now that I had them in writing and staring at me. I wanted to be successful and having a list just made me want to check things off.  I had many other things to do today too, of course, but because I had this focus, I was able to limit my distractions, stopped procrastinating, and was more efficient with my time. I loved this feeling and I want to do it again tomorrow.

And just think, if we start small and list 5 things today and 5 things tomorrow, and so on, by the end of the week we will have accomplished 35 important things that were important to us and that adds up!!  Imagine what a month full of 5 things a day looks like? Yep, this month we could accomplish 150 things. There’s a big WOW factor there. Now the little things are really big and cool. 😉

What 5 things are going to be on your list?



Goals and Intentions

Today I was listening to some tips from the top from Stella & Dot leaders. I still have my business for another month or two, although I have chosen to go out of business soon, as selling jewelry at home trunk shows is not for me. Learning what you don’t want or like to do is also important as knowing what you do want or like to do.  Sometimes making a choice to change is challenging because there are benefits to continuing what you’re doing even though letting go might create more space and opportunities to try new things.  Can you tell this was a tough decision for me?

Anyway, back to the tips from the top.   I was listening to a Stylist share her success story and how she became a leader in the company.  One of the things she mentioned was being clear about her goals. She wrote down her goals on several pieces of paper and had them everywhere so she could see them all the time. One list hung in her work space and another on her bathroom mirror. She carried one around with her and was always seeing her list. When she wrote her goals down, she wrote them as if she was already there.

For example, if I want to lose weight, which I think I do, but haven’t 100% committed to, instead of writing my goal as, “I want to lose weight.” I would write down my intention as if I was already there. It would look like this, “I am 125 pounds.”  This goal is unrealistic for me personally, but you get the point. She stated where she wanted to be and then worked towards that and all her actions were in line with how she was going to achieve that goal.

So I practiced that today, by setting an intention which I’m not 100% sure is my real intention, but I thought I’d pretend and play with it, outside my comfort zone to see what would happen.

I decided my goal is to become a better tennis player. Currently my level is a 3.0, which should be moving up to a 3.5 by the end of the year. So being a 3.5 is realistic, but being a 4.0 is a stretch, so my goal for myself was, “I am a 4.0 tennis player.”

Just saying that in my head was uncomfortable because I didn’t believe it. But I wanted to practice thinking about it and what that might feel like. When I got out to the tennis court, instead of telling myself I sucked or messed up, I told myself I was a 4.0 and I could and should hit harder. Guess what? I did hit much better than normal. I felt more powerful and more accurate and I played 100% better than my match on Sunday.

I learned or was aware again of the power of my mind in this simple exercise. I tend to forget and get lazy and just busy doing, that I don’t always stop to think if what I’m doing is what I want to be doing because I don’t have clear intentions and just let the busyness fill the space. When I do have a set intention or goal in mind, I feel accomplished and successful and I want to find a way to remember this so I don’t keep forgetting and can be more efficient.

I am setting goals (tomorrow).  🙂

I am a procrastinator!!

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want!  And go make it happen.  xo