Thank You


It’s Thanksgiving week and I just want to say thank you for being here.

Thank you for your comments and opinions, both expressed online and privately.

I appreciate all of you who, and especially those of you who take the time to like my posts and write and share your thoughts with me.

I love that you’re reading and liking what you see and connecting. You inspire me and I thank you for that.

I love hearing that you’re sharing my stories with your daughters.  I love that you’re carrying the conversation and making it yours. We’re connecting and I absolutely LOVE this.

We have so much to be thankful for, despite our chaotic, imperfect, and painful lives.

So thank you for being you. Thank you for reading and writing, sharing and connecting. I appreciate each of you.

I hope you enjoy your families, good food and good health. Lots of love, and Happy Thanksgiving from California.

xo Adriana

Giving Thanks

I just got the Thanksgiving box down on Monday. In the box, I found some of our Thanksgiving thankfulness projects. We haven’t done something every year, but I do have a few mementos. In 2003, we made foam trees. I must have been inspired by a preschool project.


In 2004, we were thankful that Charlie survived and didn’t take the time to create another project.

In 2005, we made placemats with each of our homemade trees of thanks. They are sitting around our table now and we are all getting a kick out of what we were thankful for back then.

In 2006, we made bookmarks. I have these hanging on a mirror in another hallway.


We must have been really busy living and were not that creative in the past 8 years!!  This year we are settling again and are ready for another thankfulness project.

We looked on Pinterest, and both Juliana and I gravitated independently toward the same 3D tree idea. This morning the aha light went on, and after yoga I went to the craft store to get supplies and came home and began building our Thankful Tree to surprise the kids before they came home.

Later while I was out running errands, Charlie decided to adopt the tree and made it his own. He decided our tree needed birds, and proceeded to find the ones he liked, printed them, cut them out and attached them to our tree before asking what anyone thought of his idea. I loved his creativity and independence, even though this idea was NOT on pinterest and was NOT mine! Juliana was clearly bothered by his creative freedom and wanted them removed. Even though I preferred our simple tree idea, I loved his personal touch and ownership of our family project and I didn’t want to take away from his creativity. The birds stayed.  

We are creating our leaves of thanks and adding them as we think of ideas. I can’t wait to see how our tree grows.

We have so much to be thankful for. I hope the tree is overflowing in abundance and I wish you happiness, good health and peace.

What are you thankful for this year?

xo Happy Thanksgiving next week!  xo

Day 118: Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks

Today I’m thankful for all 98 of you who choose to follow my blog with me every day. It’s exciting to think that you’re interested in what I have to share and hopefully my life story connects with yours in some type of positive way.

I’m thankful for those that check in once in awhile and like what I have to say, and for those that send me personal emails and facebook messages too. You make me smile. It’s so nice to be loved and liked. 

I’m thankful for my husband who had the crazy idea to go on this journey in the first place. He works so hard to support our family and I appreciate all that he does to provide for us. Sounds so old-fashioned, but it works for us. I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom (and go on Wheel of Fortune or Price is Right) and because of him, I get to live my dream.  I wonder if I’ll ever get on TV??

I’m thankful for my kids who are such cool people, with loving spirits and funny personalities (and BIG opinions!) I enjoy their company and am so lucky that we get to live together and play together. I love hearing their stories at the dinner table, watching them interact with their friends, and seeing them mature and grow up in front of me. I am blessed.

I’m thankful for my parents who have been staying with us for a month already. They left tonight to stay with relatives for a couple nights and I already miss them. My dad has been busy in the kitchen making bread and cookies and helps our oldest with math homework every night. My mom makes dinner for us and cleans up and magically makes the laundry disappear. We play cards, shop, cook, eat french fries, explore Europe, drink coffee together in the morning and drink wine together at night. What could be better? I’m so lucky that they enjoy being with us and we enjoy being with them. What a gift to move to Holland and have them be with us for 1/6th of a year!  It will be weird when they leave us next month, but let’s not think of that just yet.

I’m thankful for my friends and sisters and family back home that keep in touch and call and text and write and send me cards and packages in the mail and let me know that they are holding my spot back home.  I long to hug them, and play tennis, volleyball, paddle and hike with them, and drink coffee!!

I’m thankful for the new friendships I’m making in Holland – that make the transition to a new place so sweet. It’s nice to come to school everyday to pick up the kids and to see familiar faces and to chat. Today the kids had practice until 5 pm and it was actually a joy to sit in the cafeteria, drinking coffee with the other mom friends and sharing stories. I’m excited to celebrate a Thanksgiving potluck dinner with a few of them!!  I’m looking forward to more shared experiences that help to build friendships too.

I’m thankful that the sun peeked out today. I realize how much I love and need the sunshine and when it shines, I’m beyond thrilled. Today I sat in the parking lot before going indoors to play tennis so that I could feel the sun on my face. I didn’t even want sunglasses on. It’s strange how when you don’t have something, you feel it and want it more!! I’m hoping for more days like today.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Love, Adriana