Day 328: Gifts in the Mail

My birthday continues this week! I love it. I got a card in the mail yesterday from my mama. Tons of Facebook messages graced my wall, giving me time to think of all my friends and loved ones. And today, a package arrived in the mail with lots of goodies! Thank you April for sending me my favorite cake. I can’t wait for Juliana to bake it for me. The kids were thrilled most especially with the Zots and Takis. I loved the flip flops candy and the bag from Brenda too! What a surprise. Thank you. I miss you and appreciate you thinking of me. xoxo. And your card was perfectly us. 🙂


Today I was stuck at home, waiting for the Gardner and the Realtor to clean up the yard and show the house. This is one part of moving I don’t love. I felt stuck here waiting for appointments and people showed up early and stayed way too long. I was bummed to be stuck in the house on a bright, sunny day, but I’m glad my house is clean and presentable! I was able to schedule a few more visits with family before we move, and work on the Grade 8 celebration festivities. I coordinated a few more details of upcoming vacations and sorted through piles of papers, and scheduled more appointments. It’s a good thing that I had to be home after all. But tomorrow, I’m going outside to play! Namaste. Hope you had a good day, honey!