The Simple Things

I went for a spontaneous walk today with one of my BFFs and these are a few things that made me smile, in addition to the three+ miles we walked and chatted the entire way.



I also accomplished a goal today by finishing a book that I began so long ago. It is hard for me to sit still and to read and today I sat for two hours this morning and finished it. This made me incredibly happy and proud and I’m ready to start the next one.

How was your day? What did you do or not do that made you smile?

We had friends join us for another raclette dinner and enjoyed the art of cooking and chatting and sharing. It’s late and I’m tired so it’s off to sleep I go. Sweet dreams!


Day 30: One month from today!!

Really? Only one more month?  I can’t believe it. Times moves so quickly and so slowly at the same time.

I’m amazed at all that was done today to prepare for this move and to enjoy life in the process.

We literally came home late last night, only to wake up early to go to the DMV at 8:00 am this morning. If you’re headed to the DMV – only go if you have an appointment. Otherwise, you’re not going to be happy.  The line was wrapped around the building whereas we were able to walk through the side door and see someone right on time at 8:10 am. The lady was so helpful and knowledgeable. I was quite impressed, which is not the normal feeling when visiting a government agency. We both had to be there since both our names were on the title of our car that we plan to export. We had to file a certification of exportation before the moving company will move it for us. Details.


I was so sick this morning and then started to laugh at this DMV line of geese! There were 11 of them walking down the street for quite awhile and then up the sidewalk to the grassy area to look for food. Too funny!


Santa Clara DMV line before 8 am when it opened. Crazier than the geese line, I think!!

After the DMV, I fed the kids a healthy breakfast (PopTarts and Chex Mix) since we had nothing in the house and 10 minutes to eat it!!  Then I showered quickly and rushed them to their summer camp before I headed off to my Doctor’s appointment for a physical and all that good stuff!  I want us all healthy and checked before heading off to another country. I had a tetanus shot so my arm is still sore late tonight. Should be ready for a packing marathon tomorrow!

After the doctor visit, I took J shopping for groceries and filled up the fridge with healthy and easy snacks and meal options. I don’t have time for cooking right now, not this week! Did I tell you the movers will be here on Friday and I haven’t been home to even pack?!?!  

Once the fridge was full, I finished filling out all the documentation for the move – the Pre Departure form, Insurance Forms, Copies of Passports, Original Title for the Car, Valuation of the Car, Import forms, blah, blah, blah – you get the point.  Once they were done an hour or so later, I rushed over to pay FedEx $23 to send them overnight to San Leandro. I guess that’s easier than driving them over there. They should arrive by 10 am tomorrow. Amazing!!  

After FedEx, it was time to shop a little for our family friends who just lost a loved one. I can’t stop thinking of them more than my own move and I had to stop to pay respect and to be still to honor them. I put together a little care package and had it ready for a late visit. But first, I had to go pick up the boys from camp.

I got to pickup the boys a little bit early to get CJ to an orthodontist check up appointment. We’ve been waiting for braces for about a year, but his teeth have their own agenda and are not quite ready for braces. One more relief of anxiety as I was afraid of his dental care once we moved. Luckily, she said to just keep up with the cleanings and that he probably won’t be ready for braces for another 3 years! He’s slow to lose his baby teeth, but that’s just how he is… on his own timeline. I love it.

On the way home from the Ortho, I talked with Stacey to coordinate our play date this weekend!! My FAVORITE is coming to town and I get to see her and her kids! I can’t wait!! And she’s taking care of me – staying in a hotel as I move and bringing me dinner on Thursday!! How cool is that? Maybe she’ll even help me pack!!  I have something to look forward to after all this is over and a weekend to play if I work really hard!  YAY – goodbye stress, hello happiness!

I dropped the kids off at home to rest and picked up my gift bowl of fruits and chocolates and went to my friend’s house to just be with her. While there, several other friends and her family members came and went and I just felt the love of this community – the family feeling that was ever present. We are lucky to live in such a great place, where everyone is pulling together and supporting our friend, our family from our local school. There is something intangible and priceless that I felt today – I saw it in their eyes and felt it in their spirit – that we all wanted to lift some of the burden and just share in the grief knowing that there is nothing we can really do to alleviate the pain, but just knowing that we were all coming together in different ways was touching and meaningful. Hearing her story and listening to her speak was healing I’m sure – just a little bit and I wish there was more I could do. *big sigh*

And then finally it was time to come home, to make dinner and have April and Steve over. We’ve hardly seen each other since before Hawaii and I was missing them all so much. My mama sent home a frozen container of her “liquid gold” spaghetti sauce with meatballs and sausage and I just had to share it. We all love it so much and can’t get enough of it. I swear, there is something magical she does to build that savory and rich flavor that I just can’t replicate. It is truly comfort food, and was so needed tonight. It was so nice to just be together and share a meal and conversation with family… My family in Sunnyvale.  😉

And now I’m tired, can you imagine that?? And I didn’t even get to any packing today, but heck – I still have 3 days! I can do it, right?!?  I work well under pressure! Wish me luck…

I hope you had a fabulous day and wish you a good rest of the week.

xo Adriana