Day 14: What I Am… Is What I Am

Are you what you are – or what?

(Thank you Edie Brickell… I used to sing this song on top of my lungs – did you too?)


I found this pillow today on our all day furniture shopping palooza with Anita and Kelsi. We bought everything we needed to finish furnishing our house today!  All the beds and couches, tables and chairs, desks and dressers were ordered today. Can I hear a big shout out?!?!  This is a HUGE accomplishment if you can only imagine trying to furnish a home in a day or two or three!  Anita gave us another full day of Dutch translation and driving and organizing the details for our shopping trip while Kelsi tried to teach me a few dutch words here and there. We are so happy that our furniture will be delivered this weekend already, with the couch coming next week. When we ordered our couch in the states it took 6-8 weeks for delivery time. I was so excited when they said it would only take 9 days.  I AM so happy and exhausted!

Kris and Scott decided to spend the night with us last night and our kids all still wanted to play together after breakfast. We were so lucky that they decided to keep our kids with them while we were on our never-ending shopping trip.  They all went to the forest and explored Adventure Island again. I think they probably had more fun and were definitely less bored than they would have been shlepping around with us from shop to shop!  Thank you Scott and Kris for entertaining our family and I’m sorry we were gone longer than expected. We loved seeing you and can’t wait to see you all again this week.

Hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. xo