Day 228: Istanbul – Day 2


Everyone said that we would love Istanbul and everyone was right.

We wandered all over the city today, along with our friends, and the sun was shining!

Life is good!
Stone remains of the basilica near the entrance to the Hagia Sophia.
Church + Mosque + Museum = One Love20130310-230502.jpg
Blue skies from the Blue mosque courtyard
A wild turkey in Turkey, outside the Blue Mosque
Arasta Bazaar spices20130310-231005.jpg
Galata Tower at sunset
Vitamin Shop!20130310-231305.jpg
Flaming dinner on the rooftop overlooking the Blue Mosque.

Day 209: 3 Days in Paris

Today was our third day in Paris. There is so much to see and do, but traveling in a herd of 9 slows you down a bit. We still managed to cover a ton of ground and saw so many sites, cute stores, and sampled delicious food.

The fun started this morning on the metro, listening to musicians entertain us and strolling for tips before the next stops.



We were headed to the Sacre Couer, high up on a hill in the Montmartre section of Paris.

The kids enjoyed riding the funicular to the top. The lighting today was amazing again.



No pictures were allowed inside the cathedral, and a few who took the risk were yelled at and made to destroy their images before leaving the building. Yikes!
Juliana and I got a half hour to go shopping alone in the Montmartre area. We loved it and want to come back, just the two of us to wander and shop without any time limits.


We trammed over to the Latin Quarters part of town and discovered the Universities and the Pantheon. We also found a great place for dinner, which included cheese and mushroom fondue. Mmm!!!


For dessert, we promised the kids sweet crepes and found a cute street shop with a friendly guy selling and serving.

We packed so much into one day, and the kids were great sports! I think if you’re traveling with kids, breaking up the day into smaller chunks and stopping for a drink or a snack helps to reenergize them and everyone else for that matter!

Hope you enjoyed our little view into Paris!
xo. Adriana