Rooted in Love

Today we celebrated a wonderful woman whose love and light touched so many.

Her service lasted for two hours, before lunch was even served, because there were so many meaningful stories and songs and love to share. It was amazing to witness.

She loved life and was the best she could be. She fought cancer and never gave up. They told her she had five months to live and she fought and survived for almost six years, until the cancer completely consumed her.

There were several lessons I learned today and throughout the years from her. The thing that stood out the most to me was how she really lived out her values every day and loved everyone, sharing a smile and conversation and connections, always. 

She knew who she was and what was important to her and she lived accordingly, creating the best life possible, for herself, her husband, her family and for all those with whom she associated.

I admire her and how she chose to live it up, love it out, sing out loud, and to love everyone and to be of service. She had a clear purpose and was rooted, solid, and graceful.

God speed, Mom #2.  Thank you for being an angel on earth and now an angel in heaven. 

“So,there! Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Shine it.”  Shine on, bright star.


Duty, Honor, Country

Today we celebrated the life of a distinguished and honorable man at Arlington National Cemetery.

Jeff’s Great Uncle received a Full Military Honors Funeral and we were lucky to be present to witness such a magnificent and formal celebration with friends and family.

I will share a couple pictures that hopefully display the grace and significance of this day, while respecting the privacy of the family. I am proud of Jeff’s family and their dedicated service to our country and was honored to be here today.


 Peace be with you. 

Let There Be Light

Light represents all that is good.

Let your light shine.

The funeral is on Saturday. Everyone is asked to wear colorful clothing and to avoid the darkness.  We will celebrate life and all that is good, despite our heartache.

Life will never be the same, but we will share our love and light and hopefully our souls will slowly heal as we share our love and humanity.

Namaste, BeLoveRs.

Thank you to Elizabeth for sharing this Diya ceramic candle, which is typically used in Diwali celebrations. You are loved! xo