The Daily Five

So yesterday I mentioned goals and intentions. I want to follow up with that one because in addition to setting our big goals and intentions, having focus on our actions will help us to attain our goals.

Robin Sharma is an author who writes and shares his ideas on leadership.  You can check him out here:  Robin Sharma.  One of his old tidbits is to focus on the Daily 5.  What 5 things do you want to see happen that link to your personal goals?  Think about:  “What 5 things need to happen between now and the end of the last hour of the day today for this to have been an exceptionally productive day.”

I decided to try this today and actually wrote down my list first thing this morning.  These were the things I wanted to get done today that were high priority to me.


Guess what? I was able to check everything off my list because they were a priority now that I had them in writing and staring at me. I wanted to be successful and having a list just made me want to check things off.  I had many other things to do today too, of course, but because I had this focus, I was able to limit my distractions, stopped procrastinating, and was more efficient with my time. I loved this feeling and I want to do it again tomorrow.

And just think, if we start small and list 5 things today and 5 things tomorrow, and so on, by the end of the week we will have accomplished 35 important things that were important to us and that adds up!!  Imagine what a month full of 5 things a day looks like? Yep, this month we could accomplish 150 things. There’s a big WOW factor there. Now the little things are really big and cool. 😉

What 5 things are going to be on your list?



Rock Star Determination


It took 23 days and Juliana just passed Algebra 1 with a high B grade.

I am impressed and feel happy for her. She set her mind to something, figured out how to make it happen and did the rigorous work. I know she feels happy that she’s done and that she accomplished her goal after working very hard. I think having a goal and working hard are secrets to happiness and she is proof.

She went to class for 6 1/2 hours per day and then came home by 4 pm to rest for a short while before studying and preparing for exams for the next 2 to 3 hours most evenings over the past 5 weeks.

Algebra is a challenging subject to learn and you have to stay on top of the lessons because they are interconnected. If you fall behind, it’s very hard to catch up, especially when you’re covering about a week and a half’s worth of work in a normal class during one day of a summer school class. It was so cool to work with her and see how she was processing the information that was being taught and how she was able to apply what she learned.

This took determination and will power and stamina and focus and sacrifice.

She had to get up early every day and sit in a hot, crowded classroom and focus and learn for 6+ hours. She did it and didn’t give up. She did however have to give up her free time and time to play tennis and just to relax and sleep in like teenagers do and hang out with her friends. But I think she’s ok with it, although I don’t think she wants to do summer school again if she doesn’t have to.

It’s really fun watching her grow up and mature and go after what she wants. I enjoyed supporting her vision and facilitating the process, working with school counselors and principals and even the school district to approve her dream, and spending so much time together in the car and studying together most nights. I think we really bonded over Algebra – that seems weird, but it’s true, believe it or not.

I am proud of you Juliana. Can’t wait to see and hear what you dream up next. Congratulations on your success!!

Day 68: Here I Am… Trying to Become Stronger



The scale is not my friend. Maybe it’s the Frites and Stroopwaffels and Licorice that aren’t my friends either!

So today I made new friends again. My old friends. Kettle and Bell. I sure hope they help me to become stronger  (who am I kidding) skinnier!  Not that I’ll ever be skinny skinny. But losing a layer wouldn’t be such a bad thing! Although they say it gets quite cold here, starting very soon..I’d much rather add a scarf layer or a sweater layer than the one layer around my middle. 

I just have to keep focused – sounds easy, but in fact I lose focus daily and say to myself I’ll start again on Monday. There’s always another Monday just around the weekend. Well, today marked a new month, a new season and a new Monday. So Here I Am, trying again.

What do you want to improve? Try? Change?  C’mon I’ll help you – we can work together to become stronger, more focused, more you name it.  Now, that I’ve said it out loud, I’ve got to make it stick. Thanks for your moral support. Your turn…